Sunday, 3 March 2013

A Bit of Terrain 2

Those of you who were worrying about your offspring messing up your gaming, pay heed. The get older and cheekier and if you have more then one; they gang up on you!

So there they were tittering (and I don't like Tittering, in fact I don't like any RAF bases) as I put together the road blocks out of various different bits of rubbish. The eldest heir (14) says, 'It's a bit meffi playing with rubbish Dad.'

I reply, 'you can model with anything son.' A schoolboy error, I'd knocked on in my own 22. The pair disappear into the kitchen. Que more tittering.

The Challenge
'Go 'ead then Dad, there's a 'Subway' on this,' and he presented this:

'Speak properly,' says I.

Well this is what I did with it.

Half way through

The balcony is a cut up tangerine box left over from Christmas. The windows and doors are WWG. The walls are just some downloaded textures.

The Finished Item

It did give me some food for thought maybe a couple taped together for one of those interwar town house blocks of flats that ended up as tenements in the '70s.

Thanks for popping by. I had some IT problems with the earlier post sorry for its quality.

As old Jack Burton would say, 'Never drive faster then you can see!'



  1. Genius; suitably banished me thinks!

  2. Chalk one up to the good guys getting one over those pesky kids for a change

  3. AS long as it was washed out! (I'm sure it was) An excellent carcass for simple building construction. It's the kind of thing I wish I'd thought off!

  4. That turned out great, good job Lorcan.

  5. Thanks guys as always the comments ar well received. Cheers