Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Modelling 2; Terrain Bits

Gosh it's taken me ages to catch up on all your blogs, but I've really enjoyed it. Love the batreps. I've commented on those that have enabled me to do so.

Take 2 of my lates week modelling tasks.

Project Ace (1930's phonetics): The Credit Card Dugout (HQ)

Pizza base walls, stirrer planking and BBQ stick posts.

A Front View

Filler 'soil' walls added, table and boards.

I'm now looking for something to roof it with. Cardboard at back didn't work.(Why this is underlined I do not know!)

 Project Baker: An Hotel.

My VBCW project is going to use Charles Grant's Tabletop Teasers as a playtest guide. For those who do not know; in the late 70's/early 80's a series of articles were written in  a wargaming mag posing certain tactical problems. They were 'period' bound but can be adapted. To wargamers of my vintage they tend to be rembered with a degree of fondness. They can be found here.

The base

Brickwork, shingles and windows.
The 'Hotel'. The extension to the left is modern, but I guess you got that.

Just a Reminder.

We all get alot of joy from our hobby but some have done it for real (and paid a high price)! A by-pass was built a few years ago cutting off the village. The field through which it went was the site of a plane crash during WW2. A USAF pilot, having been hit and unable to make it home, in the selfless way of many of that generation, crashed his plane into the fields at the rear of Saugall, rather then 'go down' in the urban area of Birkenhead a few miles to the east. The by-pass has this plaque on it in commeration of that act.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Best of luck on the terrain pieces, Bob. They're both looking good so far.

  2. Hey it's all looking good at the moment. So good in fact that it's making me feel that I have been very lazy and resting on my laurels! Thanks mate it's the nudge into action that I need.

  3. Great piece of terrain from "rubbish". Without the enthusiasm of a lot of the bloggers I follow I wouldn't have the half the motivation to carry on.

  4. Fabulous bit of scratch building, looking forward to seeing it develop.

  5. Some great work all around here mate. Well done!

  6. Thanks guys. Feedback really helps spur one on.

  7. Nice work mate they are coming along nicely