Thursday, 21 March 2013

Prequel to 'The Chase': ATZ Campaign.

Major Square takes Stock.
Major Hamilton Square didn’t stop moving until the screams of those that were caught by the massive horde that swarmed out of Purgatory had diminished. He collapsed onto a tuft of grass and checked the chaos that was behind him.

Languid smoke trails drifted straight upwards into the pale blue sky. He could see the odd figure skulking among the charred buildings. Apart from them moving slower with an awkward gait there was nothing to suggest the carnage that had been visualised by those residents.

He checked his pistol. Five rounds in the magazine and a further eleven in his pockets. That equated to two full loads and one for himself, should he need it.

Moor City turnpike would soon be the main route for the compilation of un-dead in search of their next feed. Regan, Carter and Carver (a civilian) had headed off that way whilst he had made his way into the hinterland beyond the road. Hamilton mentally conjured up a map of the Moor City suburbs. If he trekked a couple of miles North he would hit the cattle yards south of the river. A road bridge there would take him into the city, proper. Even these yokels must realise that bridges must be barricaded and manned and that meant safety.

‘North it is then Hamilton. Anyway those two cops went this way,” he said to immediately chastised himself for talking to no one.

Pushing himself upright, he holstered his pistol and headed, cross-country, towards Moor City.

Hamilton had retreated when the fence line collapsed. As it did so a massive zombie horde spilt from Purgatory. They descended upon those rioting survivors, and this had kept them satisfied whilst Regan, Carter, Carver and Square got away. The next episode is a crossover scenario between ‘Long Rifle’ and ATZ (BDTZ), ‘the chase’. Details will be in the ‘prologue’ of the batrep.

Good Luck to you all.



  1. Sounds intriguing! I'm looking forward to the batrep itself :-) .

  2. Looking forward to more good reading!

  3. Good read, looking forward to more Lorcan.

  4. Yet another good tease, looking forward to the actual write-up of the action.

  5. Sounds great mate, bring on the batrep!