Monday, 24 June 2013

My Weekly Sitrep.

Another week, another week of no gaming or modelling. What I'm doing I no not.

Saying that I did come across a great little 3D design programme which I playing with. It's free so here's the link if anyone wants it. It's called google sketch up.
A screen shot; not my work

Plus there was a rugger match on; Lions vs Australia. It's summed up here rather nicely.

I did base those British Army figures though, at least it was something.

Take care out there.



  1. I might check out "Sketch up" .

    I'm having a slack painting and gaming week as well. It must be something in the air (or water).

  2. Always good to have a break.

  3. Really struggling to make any real headway at the moment, I've masses of terrain to get on with but finding all manner of excuses to avoid it for some reason. Definitely going to have a look a 'Sketch up' when I get home.

  4. I'm in a bit of a rut too, with no real progress in anything other than rules-writing.
    At least you based some figures up and it's progress, no matter how small.

  5. Hah, must be something in the air, my progress is on a standstill, too! :D

    As for the program, I used it aaages ago (unrelated to wargaming), but didn't stick with it for long :P

  6. Is 'sketch up' the software that Shapeways designers use? I know I've heard of it somewhere, but I just can't quite remember when.

  7. Well there seems to be something in the air. Maybe for the Brits we're all hiding from the sun, which has appeared. Catch up to you soon guys with some definate progress.

    @Colgar6: Don't know about the Shapeways thing mate, I just stumbled across it whilst trawling some modelling sites.