Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Fences 2 - The end

Finishing off the fences.

The mess at the end of our dining table and my kit for the final fences.
Polyfilla set, a quick coat of green paint and a dip in some terrain mix.

In Situ

Another view.
Slightly more English then my usual terrain, but I'm pleased with them. I'm tempted with FFO and set it in England of the 30's. It'll couple with my VBCW project. Need some bobbies though and they're not easy to come by in 1/72nd plastic. (I do have a modelling knife, some 'green stuff' and half a box of Airfix WW1 German infantry. Hmmm nice!)

Watch out there amongst the English.



  1. Irregular Miniatures do a lot of vbcw in 20mm...

  2. They really did work rather well.

  3. Hedges look great and irregular also do a British Cop in riot gear and a mounted cop, both in their 20mm "riot" range:

  4. Very effective looking terrain. Great job mate. No idea about the Police but your alternative chop and change idea sounds good though.

  5. Very good mate, practical they are.

  6. Very nice i have to try make some, the only bobbies i can find is this set it has been reissued by another company