Sunday, 28 July 2013

A moment to blog

What a month!

Sorry for not posting recently but the budget cuts are really pushing the R&F to the limit. I'm so whacked when I get home I hardly have nay energy to do anything. I had a 152 emails to get through in my home folder.

Hence no modelling or blogging for some time. I managed to tidy up a few projects on my VCBW site which are posted there. However, the 'Peoples' Army' figures do make good survivor figures.

Fighting in the Fields

Just cause I liked the picture.

Anyway, I'll keep checking your blogs as and when I can. Thanks for them as it really gives me a boost and some much needed R&R. Lord I need to play a game.

Watch yourselves and take care.



  1. Don't overhaul yourself mate, hurts your health!

  2. Do what you can when you can. Nothing is more important than your health so take care and look after yourself and those around you. Most bloggers are having trouble blogging at the moment be it work, apathy or just the weather. But we all know you'll be back to your normal routine when you get a chance to. All the best Clint

  3. That's really good of you guys. Thanks for the advice.

  4. Glad to see you back and posting buddy. They do make good survivors. Job wise they are doing the same everywhere!