Sunday, 7 July 2013

This week I've been mostly .........

Reading. No wargaming again, no modelling. But I have been reading about the hobby. Scanning about the net has rekindled my interest in general wargaming. I'm not aware of any clubs in my area (The Deeside Defenders do meet  within striking distance, but just too far away) I have returned to my roots and taken up in the solo field.

Hence I've read a couple of books. First this one:

I picked up an electronic copy from Wargame Vault ( It is an elegantly simple collection of ideas ideal for quick and easy solo campaigns. Recommended.

Secondly, I purchased and read this classic:

It is a bit sad as I remembered it fondly from my youth (?). Ground breaking for its time and still worth the effort. However it is dated now and written very much for the aficionado with deep knowledge of the hobby. As all of you who read this are in that field it's still worth the read.

Subsequently, I've been doing the paperwork for my campaign which I will get posted on my other site.

And finally:

Enough said!
Now that emotional roller coaster is over I should be able to spent my weekends gaming.

Watch yourselves out there and thanks for reading.



  1. Zombies work well in solo games. Or if you want I am planning a play by blog game, mostly role playing, so there may be others out there as well of all different varieties.

    *Nods* "nuff said..... until you meet the next Ozzie!"

  2. Its good to just chill and read sometimes, been off on my jollies to sunny Devon for the week and have been happy catching up on my bond novels!