Thursday, 10 April 2014

Moor City Zeds - Episode 2 - Prologue.

A simple first patrol for the newbie. Through the rundown and mostly derelict waterfront and a poke around the barely used docks. With a bit of luck there may be a smack in and supper will be sorted. Such were the thoughts of Senior Constable John ‘Jack’ Regan as he left Saint Michael’s Station House.

The field of play.
His newbie Don Orville was about fifty-six pounds overweight and had got through the academy by the tried and tested route of nepotism.

“So what makes you want to be a cop?” Jack finally asked as the pair turned into River Street.

“I don’t really want to be a cop,” was the reply, “I want to write for the movies. I’m only doing this to make some dough and move me and my squeeze to Hollywood.”

‘Great,’ thought Jack, ‘that’s all I need; a half assed cop, no gang intel and the possibility of a plague outbreak.’

“I got this great idea for a movie. Want to hear about it?”

Jack shrugged, “guess so.”

“OK. It’s about fighter pilots during the European war. There are two crews vying for who's the best ace. There’s one crew: Bronco and Duck and the second is Snowman and Slipper……..”

Jack let Orville chatter on until they reached Pier One's gates, when he raised his hand for silence as his coppering sense screamed. 

“Right Orville. Tell me what’s wrong with this scene.”

Jack checks out Don's investigative skills.
He comes up wanting.

Don checked out the watchman’s hut and inspected the barrier gate, “Dunno.”

“Where’s the guard?” was all Jack said as he drew his revolver and checked it’s load.

Roll credits.

Jack and Don enter the table and both take a ‘savvy test’. Don fails 2d6, Jack passes 2d6 which makes him more alert. This is a Raid variation. The cops have to arrest at least one of the gangers, whilst they have to get off the board with their moonshine which they are finishing loading onto a couple of trucks. There’ll be no zeds unless they are created by PEFs (one of which is in zone 3 and the other in the lower warehouse.)

At last I've got a game on. Plan is this’ll be the start of a regular series. Thanks for tuning in.



  1. Oh you big tease! Keep it coming Bob, this is good stuff.

  2. That's a very effective scene you set there(both story and scenery), looking forawrd to the action now.

  3. Cracking scenario and the call signs made me smile too!

  4. Bob's right - you are a big tease! Bring it on, my friend!

  5. Nice, we want more. Great table layout, the new terrain looks sweet, well done

  6. Great start! I like the set up, as well. Nice to se ethe boat used that soon!:)

  7. Just the movie trailer today! I see how this will work, roll credits! Only just enough to leave me wanting more.

  8. Oooooh...... Keeping an eye out for this one!

  9. Epic tease, nice one. Looking forward to the rest

  10. Dang - I want to know what happens next!