Sunday, 7 September 2014

Tempus fugit - A new game and a new batrep.

Hi Guys, it's been some time. Sorry about that. Bottom line is I haven't coped too well with retirement and instead of relaxing and enjoying our hobby I got far too engrossed looking for work. It took my son and nephew to bring me to my senses again. The former just told me to start playing with my zombies again and the latter got me into X-Wing miniatures. So now I'm contemplating a new ATZ campaign (with my current characters). By way of an apology here's a batrep for an X-Wing game. (Hope you don't mind as it's not zombie orientated, but I really enjoy it as a game.)

Turn 1
“Shuttle, Red Wing Six, no duff. Over”
“Shuttle, send Red Wing Six.”
“No duff. Two boogies twelve-o-clock. Stay close. Wait, out.”
“Roger that. Stay close. Out.”
“Tango two four to Tango Leader. Do you copy that sighting? Over.”
“Tango two three, yes, yes. IFF says one X Wing and standard shuttle. Maintain current course.”
“OK. Out.”

Turn 2
 Pilot Officer Silas Shodon eased the power to his four Incom 4L4 fusion engines and his T-65 X- Wing slowed allowing his escort to close up. He already had eyeball of two Imperial Tie fighters. He raised his shields whilst simultaneously engaging the holographic targeting system.
“Tango Leader. Split, split, split.”
“Tango two four. Moving NOW!”
Shodon marveled at the Ties’ maneuverability as both fighters barrow-rolled to their open-side.
Shodon sighted the starboard ship and opened up with his four KX9 laser cannons. 

Flashes sparked on his target and the X-Wing’s Fabritech tracking computer registered two hits. Yellow streaks of Imperial laser flashed passed his cockpit burning out harmlessly in space.

Turn 3
Banking starboard Shodon started his pursuit.
“Shuttle, maintain speed and course. I’m engaging.”

“Shuttle. Roger; Red Wing Six. Remember our mission. Over.”
“Red Wing Six, not forgotten. Out.”
Tango Leader. Maintain formation.”
“Tango two four, roger.”

Turn 4
“Tango Leader. Re-engage!”
“Tango two four. Re-engaging.”
Banking to his right, Shodon noted his enemy’s twin Koiogran turns bringing all their guns to bear on the Ambassador’s shuttle.

“Red Wing Six, Red Wing Six. We’re receiving damage. Hull integrity reduced to sixty percent.”
Shodon opened the T-65’s engines and his ship banked hard starboard.

Turn 5
Red Wing Six’s holographic system followed the shuttle’s desperate attempt to evade its pursuers. Shodon pushed the T-65 harder.
“Mayday, Mayday. Hull integrity thirty percent. Abandoni…………………..” 

The silence in his headphones deafened Shodon. He eased off on his power and scanned for any escape pods.
“Tango two four; nice work Romeo, Tango, Uniform.”

“Roger, roger; return to unit.”

This was my first mission game. As I was used to playing the Imperials (nephew was always Han) I flew the Ties better. A rerun of the match, now with a better understanding of the X-Wing capabilities, led to a resounding Rebel victory, destroying one Tie fighter, running its partner to one remaining hull point and giving the replacement Tie a bad fright. Needless to say the Ambassador was able to deliver his chocolate balls. 

Well thanks for popping by. Sorry for not keeping up with you all. I will try harder from now on.



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    1. Cheers Pal. I've caught up on your blog and it is good to see that you are getting things sorted!!

  2. Welcome back mate. Enjoyed the little X-Wing Dog fight its a popular system enjoy life a bit a job will turn up :)

    1. Simon I've actually picked up a bit of a job down your way (part time). I do like X Wing, the speed of the play is what I like. Very similar to ATZ and it's fun!

  3. X-wing is an interesting game by all accounts (including yours)
    Good to see you back too

    1. Thank you I do appreciate it. I do have a pal up your way, if I ever get up to his place I'll swing by and bring an X-Wing or two. I owe him a visit.

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    1. Cheers buddy, hammering my brains for a good zombie scenario, with my characters. It'll come soon. I hope.

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    1. TA Lar. I'm going to try and catch up with your rather good ICW project. Published any batre[ps yet?

  6. X-Wing keeps popping up and I hear good things about it. Must resist...

    1. Hey dude, I did the same, but when I bought it a a prezzie for my nephew, the fun saw just outstanding. Neither him, nor his Dad were gamers but they got hooked. I was just weak :-)

  7. Good to have you back! Glad to read things are getting better for you

    1. Thank you my friend. It is good to know that we know each other. I'm glad to be back.

  8. Welcome back! Nobody seems to want to admit it, but we were worried! :)

    X-Wing is a nice easy game, isn't it? I'm resisting it as well. And WW2 aircraft. And WW1 aircraft...sometimes I really hate the blogs :D

    1. Thank you pal. I have missed your tours. I'll catch up. X wing is good, a bit like 2HW, fast, furious and easy to learn! I know what you mean about blogs!!! :-)

  9. I've only played X-Wing a couple of times and loved it, really must get it out again

    1. You want to it is very entertaining. Now in relation to Mathyoo's post I've found campaign rules! Bugger!!!!!!