Sunday, 10 January 2016

First Post - 2016 - Introduction 1

In an attempt to drive my new project forward I am determined to blog at least once a week. This is the first.

My new characters have been; delivered, cleaned, based and undercoated. Paint has been bought along with a pair of new brushes. Santa brought me a nice new camera, so some practice with that is needed whilst the painting is being done.

It has started!


Molly Sheldrake did not mind having soldiers ‘billeted’ upon them, especially the officers. But this one bothered her. It wasn’t that he was rude or impolite, far from it. He was charming and educated. It was just the way he looked. Now a gentleman was calling for him at half past ten in the evening.
Reaching his room Molly rapped on the door, “Captain, sir. There’s a gentleman in the lounge to see you.”

The sound of stirring came from within and her guest’s accented voice sounded out, “thankyou Molly. I’ll be there presently.”

Molly scurried back to their visitor not wishing to face her guest at such an hour.

“The Captain will be here shortly,” Molly said bobbing to the well-dressed visitor.

“Thank you miss,” he replied, “tell me this now. I’ve had many good reports about this officer. But what is he really like?”

“The Captain, Sir, is a gentleman. But he terrifies me.”

He gestured for her to continue.

“His face, Sir. He has no left eye and wears a patch over it. His right ear is all but gone and his face is awfully scarred and covered in stitches which makes it look like he is always snarling. His false teeth, he says, once belonged to dead Frenchmen and he had them tooled to fit in London. He is, Sir, truly frightening.”

“Thank you once again, miss. He seems perfect for the job I have for him.”

Molly bobbed once more and slipped from the room as the footsteps of her lodger sounded on the stairs.

Some of you will be familiar with this character. He is one of my favourite fictional inventions. He will be soon entering a world populated by the undead.

Have a good week, see you all in the blog-a-sphere.



  1. Pleased to see that you seem for of energy for this.
    Really looking forward to seeing how this goes

  2. An intriguing introduction, Bob. More please!

  3. A good start for this new project. Now keep it up, please!

  4. Keep up the good work. Shall look forward to seeing the new figures painted.

  5. Cheers guys, early week has been packed up, work tomorrow, then back at it. I need to construct a narrow boat. I do have an idea.

  6. Interesting.... we sound a stray dog called Molly just before Christmas. (I wonder if anyone makes the connection between your post and my comment)