Tuesday, 22 May 2018

My Day Out.

As everyone gets into the convention season, my new role in life means I tend to work weekends.

So in contribution to the season. I thought all you out there may be interested in my day out yesterday (it has a military theme.)

Together with a friend of mine I went to visit our main museum in the big city. Where on display they have on display:

A stunning display.

You are met by this guy. A horse keeper.

One of the two model chariots on show.

Limestone plated armour
With helmet to match.

The General

The General 

Heavy Infantryman

Light Infantryman
An Officer (lt. inf?)

An officer (hvy. inf.)
The archer

Possible crossbowman

There are plenty of other exhibits. It is a STUNNING display, well worth the entry fee. If any of you do come to visit the display (or the port.) Do drop me a line and if I'm able I'll give you a 10/- tour of the city.

Thanks for visiting.



  1. Looks like an interesting day out. Nice pics!

  2. Very jalous, I'd love to see the exhibit.

  3. Agree with the above - that's something I'd like to see myself.

  4. Saw your post by chance on Vampifan's blog, very nice pictures, I was intending seeing these but your post makes it a definite.

  5. Thanks for all your comments folks. most appreciated.