Saturday, 30 July 2011

The QWIK Project

Well I got my Mayans, and a nice set they are too. I like the moulding of Ceasar Miniatures. I've had them a week or so but figures take more work then scenery so I gave them a cursory glance and left them 'til this morning to study them. Here's a photo of all the poses.

Still not focused well enough!
Better shots available on (a well worth a visit site). I quite like the funky look with the feathers. Just a little work and they'd back a decent  dogtown team.

Clearly these chaps and these ones;

are going to be the core of the Drives. Whilst these;

will become the lighter Qwiks. A bit more re-modelling and they should be fairly promising. But they're cheap enough to cut in half, chop and change body parts and play around with my new favourite 'Green Stuff' and see what comes out.

The background is one of the iconic shots from the movie. The printer chose to print it in this manner, not the setting sun shot, but I don't mind. The black and blue has a certain other world ambiance, well that's what I think.


  1. I keenly look forward to see how you'll convert and paint these figures.

  2. Great idea, look forward to seeing what you do with them.

  3. Looking forward to your plastic frankensteinian activities ... just remember ONE head and TWO of most everything else and NOT the other way around ...