Friday, 6 January 2012

Angry Lurker/Anne's quiz: One back at ya.

I Can't resist stuff like this. But who are they all?
1.  What celebrity would you most like to shag and why?

Always my favourite and still fit as @£+%

2.  In the event of a zombie attack, what politician would you be willing to use as a human shield?
Let's face it they'll take bloody days to eat him

3.  Rate the survivability of at least 3 fellow bloggers if they are attacked by zombies.
8/10: He buys and sells zombies
6/10: For multi team work

5/10: he seems to know the zed world

Vampifan & Angry Lurker were too obvious a choice.
4.  If you could reanimate just one dead person from history, who would it be?
For services to world culture

5.  Would you be willing to take this person out to a pub? Why or why not?
Yes. I just hope he'd be as much fun as the 1,000's that followed his example. But I doubt it! Anyone know the World Heritage pub?

6.  In the event of a nuclear holocaust, would you be willing to eat cockroaches to survive?

Whilst in the service of HM I ate this. What do you think? But what is it?

Great fun, give it a go. It was better then being forced to watch Corry by Mrs. PZ.


  1. LMAO - as an NCO in the Artillery I would have hope for a better rating in multi-team work, but there again, I always liked being the scout out the front away from the rest of the team, so you might have something there.

  2. Sheldrake I suppose your right there. Give yourself another couple of points for the invention of 'Zombie Golf' and the excellent PBB.

  3. Mmmmm - wormlet!

    The sum is always greater than the parts. Let's all stick together and I think we'll have a 9/10 chance!

    Shelldrake, you've got point! :)

  4. Sweet - I love point, and I run faster when scared, so the first you will know there is trouble is when I speed past you in the direction we came from :-P

  5. I hope you'll be posting the answers to these questions, Irqan. I recognise the folk from the first three questions but not the other three, although I feel I should know who number 4 is.

  6. 4. William Webb ELLIS, the inventor of Rugby, and as such the saviour of the universe.
    5.Philharmonic Pub in Liverpool, Grade 2 listed building but the Gents are Grade 1 listed?
    6.Zombie Ad got it. Worm/omlette.