Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Domestic Dispute; An ATZ Batrep

There are a few of reasons that I want to run this scenario. To try out: Firstly; building gaming, secondly, my scenery. Thirdly, and play my way through HAVEN. Fourthly, test the use of less able characters and finally, to use my ‘Risk and Reward’ (R&R) cards.

Bob Louis & Dave Briggs
House rules: Unless a room is occupied, as per the scenario, then an R&R card is drawn. I am only interested in the zombie element, so all other aspects of the card were ignored. Both officers rolled on the civilian charts, to accentuate their incompetence. Back up in the form of Regan et al. will arrive on game turn seven d6+1.

Arch. Wright's Store
Turn 1

The borrowed State Penitentiary vehicle pulled up outside Arch. Wrights’ bait store at the junction of Moor’s turnpike and Donkey Drive. Officers Bob Louis and Dave Briggs alight and approach the building.  Mounting the porch, they can hear screaming from inside, Dave checks the door and it opens.

“After you,” he said indicating to his partner with a tilt of his head.

“I’m always going first.”

“That’s ‘cause the light shining off your head dazzles anyone inside and gives us the tactical advantage.”

“Tactical advantage, my…” Bob Louis was shoved through the now open door.

The shop is empty the shelves are bare.

‘What’s inside roll 9: ‘Screaming is heard from inside.’ The door is checked and a 4 rolled, ‘closed but unlocked.’ R&R zero zombies.
Bob & Dave arrive in their borrowed car.
Turn 2

The officers draw their nightsticks and tentatively pick there way through the store. A double door is behind the counter and a single door to the right behind the shelving.

Briggs & Louis enter Arch. Wright's store

“OK, clever clogs,” chirped Louis, “which one?”

“The double doors.”


“’Cause I’m nearer them.”

“Well I’m nearer this one.”

“Usual rules.”

The two officers engaged in a round of rock, paper scissors.

“Scissors always win,” smirked Bob, turning the handle on the single door.

A Game of Rock, Paper, Scissors

They enter the main corridor. Nothing.

The Hallway

Straight d6 vs d6 roll for RPS game, 2-6, Bob winning.  R&R card zero zombies.

Turn 3

Bob turns to the left, looking up the hallway. Dave opens the door to their right and enters the bedroom.

Dave blanches as a blood stained creature charges at him from the bedside. Dave Briggs let out an almighty scream as the stinking beast falls on him.

An Angry Zed

Swinging his club he manages to beat the zed back. It comes again, but a reverse strike catches the figure on it’s left temple sending it crashing to the ground.

Bob, pops his head into the room, “get out of the wrong side of bed. Did he?”

“Wrong side of bed, wrong side of bed! Where you born an idiot or does in come naturally. Looks like he got out of the wrong side of the grave.”

A dispatched Zed

“We’ll check him out later, got to find Arch., Becky and the kids.”

The scenario called for a zombie. Dave took the ‘Zed or no Zed’ test; and produced a zombie, his ‘face to face’ test and the zombie charged. Two rounds of melee R1: (Z) 1-1,4,5,6: R 2: 5-2; zed OOF.

Turn 4.

Louis enters the kitchen. Briggs remained outside in the hallway.

Bob Checks out the Kitchen

“Dave, there’s blood everywhere, it’s as bad as Nozzer’s bedroom.”

“Nothing is as bad as Nozzer’s bedroom.”

Bob leaves the kitchen as Dave turns and opens the door behind him.

R&R card reveals zero zombies.

Turn 5.

The Card (Thanks Zombie Ad!)

The room is in darkness as both officers enter.

“Bloody hell Bob, have you let one rip?” asks Briggs and an overpowering smell assailed his nostrils.

“I thought it was you,” answered his partner as he crept into the centre of the darkened room.

Dave flicked the light switch. The illumination revealed a dishevelled living room and three figures. All three roared and descended upon the duo.

'Bloody Hell!'

Faced with two creatures Bob swung his baton at the nearest, missing his intended target. One grabbed his shoulder spinning him into the second, the last thing Officer Bob Louis thought as the second creature ripped his still beating heart from his chest, was, ‘did I leave the gas on?”

Louis Down (two turns of feasting)

Dave Briggs took up a defencive stance and managed to ward off the initial onslaught. He felt his nightstick shatter the outstretched forearm of his assailant. The zed came at him again. Attack being the best form of defence he went for the beast and the creature fell back. With a wild forward swing Dave Briggs chanced a finishing stroke. He missed. He had no time to dwell on his technique, or think of some witty departing  comment as darkness overcame him, as the flesh from his throat was torn out.

Endgame, in the Living (?) Room.

The R&R card revealed three (!) zeds.
Zed or No Zed: Bob: 4,2 : Dave: 1,6.
Being charged: Both pass 2d6.
As he was nearer to them Bob Louis fell foul of two of them: R1- (Zs) 1; 2: 4,4,2,1.
 R 2: - (Zs) 2;3 : 6,5. Feasting two turns.

Bob’s fight: R1: 1:  4,4,2,1. R2 – 2:5,4.

Thoughts: Good game. Just game, when you have the time it is so much fun. I chose not to use the attributes given to Briggs and Louis (as I forgot them) but to balance it out they rolled on the civilian charts. Subsequently I learnt that civilians don’t stand much of a chance if they are not heavily armed, or have the protection of some ‘trained’ personnel.  Nor do low rep. characters.

Lord knows why Briggs and Louis did not draw their firearms, but I doubt if they would have got a shot off. Bad luck in melee dice throws contributed to their demise, but how long would they have lasted as the infection increased.

The scenery worked well, although it took time setting it up. In future I think I may build the whole set first and move from room to room as opposed to setting up each room as they enter (too time consuming). Plus I need to work on my photography, scene setting and close up focus.

Epilogue: With back up on the way, the Wrights still not found/rescued and zombies roaming the building, my next scenario is sorted, as a side bar to the HAVEN rulebook. But is that not the nature of ATZ? The game determines the route it will take. Great fun!


  1. The scenery was great.

    I loved the part early on when they did rock-paper-scissors.

    Well done on this report mate!

  2. Great report. Especially the story driven commentary. Look forward to the next one!

  3. Excellent! I often find that the scenario writes itself as it heads off in directions you never envisaged. More, please!

  4. That was great. A very enjoyable read with great looking scenery. I am really looking forward to the next one.

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  6. Awesome Batrep sir. Love the new interiors and glad you're enjoying the R&R deck. Must learn to spell! :)

  7. Splendid work Irqan - more soon please!

    Really like the interiors - must make some more myself, and play another game as well!

  8. Great Batrep, and great interior too!