Sunday, 26 February 2012

The Cavalry Arrive: ATZ Batrep: Domestic Dispute; Pt 2a.

The Prologue

Officers Briggs and Louise attended at Arch. Wright's store in response to a report of a domestic dispute. Officers Regan and Carter were sent to back them up, in company with Special Agent Hamilton Square and his associate Conway Park.

Briggs and Louise fell to the zeds within the store on turn 5. The cavalry were not due to arrive 'til turn 7, in the mean time the zeds finished feasting and made their way to the shop.

Turn 1.

The cavalry enter in two vehicles and sort themselves out. George Carter had previous history of the family and premises and briefed the gang about what to expect when inside. Hamilton Square & Jack Regan will enter the building via the store, whilst the other two go in through the living room. The former team will check bedroom one whilst Conway & George will take the kitchen. They'll then gather, reassess and search the rest of the building. Conversations on the way to Donkey Drive gave all members a mutual respect for each other. All were up overnight but the adrenaline pumped them up.
Jackie Wright had hidden the kids in the store room before returning to the small bedroom to look for some weapons. Hearing the commotion, of Briggs and Louise, she stayed hidden. But after a period of silence she began to sneak out. Leaving her hiding place she saw the back of Archie, her husband, his distinctive baseball jacket identifying him from behind. He turned slowly, and his grey pallor disturbed her.

"Archie,Archie, you OK?"

Archie Wright's jaw dropped open, revealing, sharp pointed teeth. He advanced on his wife, arms outstretched, "BRAIIIINS."

Jackie screamed.

As they had been up all night I rolled for 'lack of sleep' lowering their rep by one each (a further loss of rep at turn 8, if game still going). The entrance of the meant rolling for summoned zeds & 5 were created. House rules state that; on a 5 they appear in the building (position determined on a d6 roll). On a roll of 6; they appear at the edge of the table delineated by a spinner. 1 appears in the house, bedroom 1, where Jackie was hiding (scenario); two top right; one middle right & 1 bottom left.

Turn 2 (Z-1: Cav-3: Other-5)

Her scream appeared to animate what was once her husband and her lunged the few feet at her. Snatching a pair of scissors from the dressing table, Jackie thrust out at her attacker. The blade penetrated the outstretched claw of her husband, causing him to recoil. He came again, knocking the scissors from her grasp, jaws snapping at his wife's throat. Jackie Wright passed out and did not feel the teeth of her husband ripping the cheeks from her face.

Jackie, discovers her decaying husband.
..and falls to his assault.

Conway and George heard screaming from within and burst through the open door into Wright's living room and straight into the remains of George Carter's erstwhile colleagues. George pulls up fighting back the gall that rose in his throat. Conway moves past the tattered remains and checks the corridor.

Wright's store was open and the two remaining officers slipped silently into the outlet. A vile corrupt odour assailed the men.

"Jesus, you smell that?" asked Park.

Jack, levelled his pistol, "HAMILTON!" he screamed, firing at one of the shambling trio advancing on them. His first round smashed into the wall behind his target, the second burst the creature's head in a bloody shower.

Hamilton, swung his firearm at the remaining zeds and loosed two shots, both went wild. The undead roared and charged Square. Hamilton brought the butt of his automatic crashing down on the head of the first beast crushing it like a ripe grape. The second zed crashed into the Special Agent, sending him careering back onto the window of the store.

Gnashing teeth snapped at his face, Hamilton, brought his heavy topped cane, into the ribs of his assailant smashing the bones to splinters. The beast came again, it's right arm hanging uslessly. Hamilton, jabbed his now bloodied cane, meeting the zed's forehead as it lurched at him. The satisfying crunch of crushing bone echoed through his can and the creature collapsed.

Hamilton heaved a sigh, "bloody hell. Is this how you welcome all visitors to your city?"

Regan grinned, "you're still alive, ain't you?"

Hamilton jerked his head towards the door to the right of the room.

Jack & Hamilton, meet the Zeds
...and dispatch them.
Unknown to those inside the zombies move closer to the building.

Jackie (rep 3) failed her 'in sight' test 2d6 and was set upon by the zed. Melee 4,5,2:2; 6:2 & fell.
Conway & Hamilton had no tests and just continued on their task.
Jack passed his 'in sight' test 2d6 and fired (2 shots) at the nearest zed, missing with one but hitting with the other.
Hamilton passed 1d6 on his 'in sight' and snapped fired. Hitting once. The second zed charged and engaged in melee. 6,2,3:3; 1:1; 3:4. Zombie down.
1 zombie created, inside bedroom 1.

Turn 3 (Z-3, C-4)

Another zed

Hamilton, moved through the shop's side door and spun into the open bedroom door, Jack on his shoulder. The room was in darkness and it took a couple of seconds for his eyes to become accustomed to the lack of light. Hearing a shuffling, Hamilton strained even harder.

The zed bursts from the shadows, Hamilton snapped his gun to the target and loosed a double tap, both rounds crashed into the bedroom wall.

Hamilton heard the one command, "DOWN!" and he hit the floor.

The sound of Regan's revolver bounced off the walls of Archie's store and the zed's head disappeared.

Conway, dashed across the corridor and into the empty kitchen, "CLEAR!"

The four officers gathered.

"Four so far," said Hamilton.

"Nada, but Briggs and Louise have bought the farm," went on George as he showed the two silver badges he had retrieved from his colleagues tattered clothing.

"OK, George you and Park take the left rooms. Hamilton and I the right," Regan glanced at Square and received his acknowledgement.

Outside the undead shuffled closer.

A Conversation

Hamilton passed his 'in sight' 1d6 and fired. They fell on 5 & 6, missing both shots. Jack passed 2d6, took aim and hit with his first shot.
Conway, entered the kitchen and a R&R card drawn, nothing appeared.
Shots fired: 1,2,3 no zeds.

Turn 4 (Z-3, C-3: Z-4, C-4: Z-6, C-4)

Unbeknown to the occupants the external zeds are all but at the store.

George moved to right of what was clearly the bathroom door, casting a glance through the frosted glance. He fired from his hip, he shotgun round shattering the wooden door.

George Carter fires at shadows.

Conway didn't hesitate, he drove what was left of the door in with his size nine, bursting into the bathroom.


"Bathroom Clear!"

Regan tested the bedroom door and it opened. Carter's shot caused him to spin around as the bedroom door flew open.

Hamilton, looking over Jack's shoulder, was not disturbed, a 'they can look after themselves' thought flashed though his mind, "TO YOUR FRONT!"

Jack swung back into the doorway and was greeted by the sight of Archie Wright feasting on his dead wife. He struggled to compute the tableau. But snapped back into reality as Hamilton's automatic cracked the air. Archie Wright exploded as the rounds smashed into his body.

The double throw revealed an unknown person fires. As there was no one else in the scenario I caused George to be spooked and fire his shotgun. Conway enters the bathroom and an R&R drawn, zero zeds.
Jack and Hamilton enter the remaining bedroom. Jack has to take 'See the Feast' check and pass 2d6. In the meantime Hamilton makes amends for his poor shooting and gets rid of the feasting Archie.

Turn 5 (Z-4; C-1)

Stroking the wooden walls of Wright's store the undead sense delicious meat within, and moan.

Jack checked the corpses, "the woman's Jackie Wright and that thing is, was her husband Archie."

George Carter was leaning on the jamb of the bedroom door, "that leaves the two kids."

"Only two rooms to go guys. Conway, Carter the stock room. Jack, you OK?"

Jack Regan nodded.

"Right ours is the second bathroom. Move!"

Conway and George hit the stockroom door simultaneously, and it flies off its hinges.

The Final Rooms are searched

Hamilton tuned he handle on remaining door and pushed it open. A bright and airy room and one zed greeted him. Adopting a classic stance he squeezed the trigger on his Mauser and a double tap sent the zed to wherever the undead go.

"Kids are here!" cried out Carter, "come little ones time to go."

They stepped hesitantly from behind some cases, eyeing up Conway suspiciously.

"Where's Mummy and Daddy?" asked the taller of the two.

"We'll see them later," went on George extending his left hand to them, keeping the shotgun levelled.

End of turn five.
The team regroup back in the hallway.

"Reload," orders Hamilton, slotting another clip into the magazine of his Bolo Mauser.

Conway, "I'm OK."

"Me too," George.

Jack Regan checked the cylinders on his revolver and replaced the rounds he'd fired.

Hamilton raised his cane, "shhhh."

The group fell silent, a knocking could be heard on the external walls of the house accompanied by a low keening sound.

The bell on store's entrance door tinkled.

George and Conway enter the stockroom and find the kids, as per the scenario. I have no children models so 2 x 15mm creatures stand in.

Jack and Hamilton enter the final room. The R&R card reveals a zombie. Hamilton passes 'in sight' test 2d6 fires and scores.

2 zeds appear, both outside. One to the right middle and one top left corner.


This game is not yet over. The cavalry need to get the rescued to their vehicles and safety with a shed load of zeds in the way. I want to play the second part in the next few days to get on with the rest of the campaign. So watch this space. I'll critique the whole lot at the end.


  1. Great batrep. I love your terrain for this and the writing is excellent. What a nailbiter, too. Will they be able to get the kids to the car? I'm looking forward to more.

  2. The cavalry need the cavalry right about now!!!!

  3. A well written and wxciting batrep. I thought it was a good idea to use 15mm scale figures to represent 28mm scale children. I'm looking forward to the next instalment.

  4. Your terrain looks great, and seems highly flexible. Any tips for those of us looking to do something similar? So far all I have is 'outdoors' urban and it would be good to have some interiors too, with as much flexibility as possible. Are some of your pieces made using Shuffler? I love that software. Interested in your approach to the rest of the scenery if you have the time!


    1. Chris, I'll get back to you in a couple of days over you questions. An earlier post does sort of deal with it but there are some other bits I've picked up on the way.

    2. Thanks. I think I just found the earlier post you mentioned. Useful stuff!

    3. The main problem is the glue. You could make individual walls by printing patterns out on thickcard. Good ones can be found from jim's dolls' house website. Glue tends to warp the card if you put it on as 'wallpaper'. So I pasted it to plasticard. The thickness is important as thin ones warp also. Thick ones don't go into the card stands.PVA glue doesn't work that well but pol-cement seeps through. I'm working on tis issue. The floors are from shuffler and teh furniture WWG. Paintings and pictures I printed out myself, I think they add that little bit extra. The ones I did are aval on a link in a previous post. Good luck mate!

  5. Great looking game and figures. Looking forward to part 2 of the BatRep

  6. Great Batrep sir, good to se things went a little better for the cavalry.

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  8. That was a bloody good read sir, looking forward to more.....

  9. Thanks guys! The second part has been played when I should have been watching Scotland getting whacked by France. I'll post soon and answer some of the above. Catch up to you soon.

  10. The Cavalry arrived late and need cavalry itself!

    Great Batrep, I really (even if a bit late) enjoyng this!