Thursday, 23 August 2012


Well I'm coming to the end of my first fortnight off in nearly 6 years and it has been so relaxing, sort of. Had my two nephews up to be entertained by my two heirs. The youngest of the pair (9) is into modelling and he helped me finish off some bits. Which was really the totality of my modelling for this period of time.

Finished the forest

Completed the Armoured Car 'Conversion'

Painted up the 'abomination'

We took the gang to Blackpool for a couple of days.

The Big One
The Big One is OK but the 'Valhalla' ride is the bees' knees.

One evening we went to Central Pier. Now if you ever thought that 'Zombieland' ( a movie that was missing from this summer's 20 Q answers) was fiction then you want to spend an evening there and think again.

So as the sun sinks into the West we bid farewell to to this week's blog. 


  1. Glad your haVing fun mate. Nice work on the armoured car. I see the setting sun but I can't help think your about get a tattoo

    1. Ha ha, never thought of it like that. Good man.

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