Sunday, 30 September 2012

An Inter-rim post!

Well if you're inta-rimming I've a wee post for you!
I had an hour or so before the Viscountess got up for her birthday. So I had a bit of a play with my project. And here are the results. 

The Plain Box.

WWG Props

Hamilton Square & Conway Park act as models
 This one is a shop/office. The door and window are blu-tacked to the blank as is the brick wall covering on the right wall.

The study from afar.

The point of this is to show what I hope to be the versatility of this system. It's the same end with wallpaper blu-tacked on the brick and carpet added. All downloaded from free texture sites on the net. Using foamcore and blutac I hope to develop a number of 'stages' in each box. Again WWG props.

A Closer shot of  'the study'. No Miss Scarlett though.
One thing I do like about this is; all props, walls etc. fit back into the empty blanks (boxfiles) saving space and gaining a bit of cred with the Viscountess as there is no more dust-collecting SH1T being brought into the house! (out of sight, out of mind). Try! For the male XV.

I'll play around more with this concept and post any further significant developments.

(N.B. This project was inspired by Clint from 'Anything but a One' and his 7TV game project. I thought that the box file would be like a studio for those 60's and 70's shows and you put the scene in that you want. it's a shame he's shelved it.)

Thanks for reading and for the feedback. Keep safe out there 'amoung the English.'



  1. This is very cool mate. good idea using it as a stage and swapping out bits afterward

  2. This is a very elegant solution to making interiors. The only advice I would give is to take care when replacing items that are stuck down with Blu-Tac. I have had problems with this sticking and tearing the paper beneath when trying to remove it.

  3. What a wonderful concept, every time you want to change the scenario you just swap out the furniture - brilliant!

  4. These remind me of the "Mean Sets" at the Virtual Armchair General's site.