Sunday, 7 October 2012

End Game (maybe)

As with the outing of FFO and the demise of Team Vampifan and I'm approaching my 100th post. I am considering drawing my 'Purgatory' campaign to a close. Subsequently, I've decided to have a megagame. Haven scenarios actually provide that opportunity with the last three 'military' games. Well that's my plan.

In order to complete it I need to create this feast I need to build a couple more boards and several new shanty shacks. This'll take a couple of weeks so I may not post as regularly. If I do it'll just be building updates.

I wonder if all will end well for Jack, Gunny and their teams. But as we all know the game has a habit of dictating what happens.

Keep up the good works I do follow your posts if I don't always comment.



  1. Sounds good and look forward (kind of) to the end!

  2. I never got round to playing the military scenarios in Haven. The last one, in particular, has the makings of an absolute bloodbath. With some bad dice rolls, the defenders could be overwelmed by zombies in no time. Either way, it should be a memorable swansong to your campaign. I wish you all the best with it!

  3. Your next scenario sounds great, but I wouldn't write off your Purgatory campaign as I'm sure you can adapt it to FFO.