Saturday, 13 October 2012

More Shantys:WIP

Hi all you out there in ZBA land. This weeks post as I said last week would be just an update on increasing the size of Purgatory. I just wanted bulk not anything greatly detailed so I turned to a cardboard box.

Tools and material

Basic Box Shantys

Wrinkly Tin from a Coffee cup holder
As it 'offset it needs 'squaring up'

Adding detail: corrugated iron, opening doors/windows, adding drinking straw stovepipes.

 Just slap a bit of paint,a bit more detail and hey presto. A couple of hours in the man tent.

With luck another week and a few more shacks and the game'll be afoot.


  1. You're off to a very good start here. Keep up the good work!

  2. NIce,simple, cheap and effective - I love it

  3. I think you are now classified as a slum lord! Nice work.

  4. Shanty house are good for an survivor's outpost or modern games!!

    Nice touch!