Friday, 28 December 2012

For the Sci Fi gamers out there! Free Daleks

As you are aware my computing systems have all gone West. My sister and my brother-in law took pity on my plight and gave us one of their old Apple iBooks. So I'm back with blogging more frequently again.

I went to the local shopping centre today to price up a new laptop. Alas the Castillo PZ coffers are not that full 'til next month.

Anyway all was not lost, I found Halfords do a modelling tools and the main reason for this post.

This week's 'Dr Who Adventures' Magazine.


Is giving away a set of 11 plastic Daleks. From the look of them they're 1/72 scale and are fairly well detailed.

Not my scene really but some of you folk out there may be able to use them.

All the best out there.

Yours, Lorcan


  1. I got some from Paul's Bods about a year ago, they're nice bits of kit but a little fragile!

  2. Sweet thanks for the pointer about the Daleks!

  3. Could be fun...But no idea how to get hold of this!

  4. Thanks for the heads up on the Daleks. Purchased already.