Monday, 31 December 2012

Oh Yes! Another end of year report

Time for a bit of introspection. How well did I do with my resolutions? I looked at the post for this time last year:

Well it is that time for reflection. My biggest thing for last year was joining this community. The friendship of you ALL and the pure joy of reading your blogs, batreps and adventures has been a pure pleasure. So what for the new year. Well I have a medical procedure to look forward to in April (cardioversion, stopping and rebooting your heart) which means a big lifestyle change and a regimen of drugs.

Weirdly, this paragraph is a bit prophetic. Apart from the joining bit, it's now continuing with this community. The infection I got back in November put my heart back into AF, so the rest remains the same.

But that is nothing to what I want to do: 
Blog at least once a week: I got a post in every week and some months even more. +1
An ATZ game a month: I failed in January, Sept. & Oct But over all I got 17 games and BATREPS posted so I'm giving myself another score + 2.

Sort out my figures and go with Vampifan down the card model town lane: I got no new figures to sort out (a failure for a gamer) - 1. I went down the modelling lane instead of card models. I built a shantytown, some forest scenery and a cabin (my inter Christmas/New Year Project) +1.

 I'm also torn about starting a QWIK tourney and THW's new 'Long Rifle' game: No QWIK tournament but the forest and the log cabin as well as painting all of three Native Americans I have made a start on the LONG RIFLE game + 1/2.

 A new role in work should help with all the above: This may prove to be a little harder now as we have had a change in supervision and our new Inspector is into micro-managing the office -1.

Overall a resounding 4 1/2 out of 7 a partial victory.

Next year much of the same but change the ATZ environment. However, I still have one more game to play here. Get the BATREPS written up for my 'vanity book.' Start a Long Rifle campaign, with some zombies thrown in. Prepare for retirement which comes in Feb 2014 (eek!). PS the Viscountess has some plans for civic improvements to Castillo PZ (oh dear).

Anyway, thanks for all your support, comments and friendships. Take care out there and have a pleasant New Year celebrations.



  1. I've really enjoyed your blog over the last year or so and think you've really done well progress-wise. I too have ops to look forward to this year (Feb) though nothing as dramatic as your's appears to be. I trust all will go well with your's and you have another productive and successful 2013 as you did in 2012 !

  2. Your blogs been great and your game played has beat me by 15 so I think its a major victory. Looking forward to another year of your blog in 2013. Happy New Year sir.

    1. Thanks matey (doing this whilst watching Treasure Island). Good Luck to you.

  3. I'd say that 2012 was a success for you. If I managed to get 17 batreps done in a year, I'd be ecstatic! I hope 2013 goes well for you, especially your operation.

    1. Thanks VtG. Your Batreps are more intricate though, what with all the rule explainations.

  4. Some great posts last year mate. All the best for this new years adventures and blogging.

    Regards Paul

    1. Thanks Paul! Much appreciated. The same to you!

  5. I poo-poo your declaration of partial success and declare it a Victory for Gaming and Blogging!

    May 2013 see continued fun and enjoyment!

  6. Sounds like a job well done to me, I look forward to what you have in stored for us in 2013 and I also wish you the best for your Op.

  7. I wish you well with your health and the operation in April. I am also looking forward towards your future blog entries.