Wednesday, 13 February 2013

A Terrace Build 2

With the heirs at school, it was back on site.

Cut the patterns from some brick backgrounds

Paste the cutouts to the frames

Open up the window and door frames, peel back and paste.

Pre and post
Now this was a stroke of luck. The admin girl was laminating some documents and forgot to put a document into a pouch. I got a sheet of modelling glass!
Classic picture of a piece of clear plastiglass!

Glass pasted in and doors added.

Dish cloth and paper towel curtains

Paper strips for frames and curtains added, the front complete.

The rear, roof and putting it all together next. I had a warping issue but I strengthened the walls with wooden coffee stirrers and put them under a weighted book whilst I went to work. It seems to have done the trick.  More soon, maybe tomorrow.

Try and keep dry out there.



  1. Very nice, they are starting to take shape, good work mate

  2. Looking good, these are really coming along fast.
    As for the admin. girl "forgetting" the pouch- yeah sure we believe you.
    Putting am empty pouch through a laminator stiffens it btw,although it does tend to fog it too.

  3. Shaping up nicely! I'm watching with interest to see the next stages.

  4. You're certainly off to a great start. Keep up the good work, mate!