Thursday, 14 February 2013

A Terrace Build 3 - The Final Part

Final day of lates and I want to finish this build.

The rear of the property is done like the front. Pins hold the build together whilst the glue sets.

Stirrers and matches add the step and window ledges.

A background of roof tiles photocopied and reenforced with wooden stirrers. Some chimneys scavenged from another card model.

Bamboo skewers for down pipes
The finished piece. I'm fairly happy with it but it is allot of work for something that WWG or Stol would do which could be done in a third of the time. Would it be any easier to make a pre-bought model? I can't be bothered to base it yet, even if I do. 

I think that will do for building at the moment and I'll get to painting up some figures next.

Thanks for all your comments guys, most appreciated.

It's looking remarkably like spring here. No rain and the sun's shinning!

Take care. Lorcan.


  1. Looks nice! I think there are 2 main reasons to do it yourself rather than buy a kit: either because you cannot get a kit of exactly what you want or because you simply enjoy the process of designing and making it yourself.

  2. Well done mate. I agree with Colgar there is a certain joy in building your own items. You have done this well. The main problem with building a strip of terrace housing is that you kind of what another one opposite it. So you may decide to do a second one!! Other than that really good to see some excellent terrain.

  3. Wow super work mate, liking all the little bits like the window ledges and curtains, the roof looks great.

  4. That's a great looking model,fit to grace any table. I particulalry like the variation in windows,

  5. That has turned out exceptionally well. Take a bow, sir! I agree with Clint - once you have made it, you'll want to add another to go opposite or even alongside it. I speak from experience. When I made my pair of semi-detached houses, I immediately made a second pair.

  6. Thanks guys. Your combined wisdom is greatly received. There's much to think of and the temptation to start again is well you know.

  7. A good effort, its come up real nice, now think you have the only one of its kind, another reason why you would 'make it' yourself.

  8. Very clever and creative work. Well done!