Thursday, 21 February 2013

Safe Zone! - Episode 2- ATZ, Batrep, AAR

Turns 9-15
Fairly much as predicted there was a lack of doubles thrown and the game turned into and Aunt Sally booth. So I chose to do just a photo batrep, no prose.
Zeds close in on Regan's right flank

Zeds push out of the darkness. Only the road barrier is illuminated.

Nozzer is tasked to move the lighting to the two flanks

Body count is beginning to add up on the right

The left is getting overwhelmed, the fence is weakening.

T14: Showing the effect of shotguns in front of the road barrier

T15: View from the right flank.

Position at the end of turn 15. Headlights from the small torches.


Every section of fence has received damage (originally; fence BV-6/Barrier BV-4). The change from rural to suburban zed creation has proved to be the main challenge. Zeds have been created from 3-to a whopping 11 on the last turn. Can the cops hold out for another 9 turns? Will their doubles luck change? NB ammo is not a problem ere as it was assumed that the retreating units left enough for the siege.

Tune in soon for the final instalment of the 'Safe Zone' Trilogy.

Look after yourselves and tanks for popping by.



  1. It does feel like this is going to have an epic ending.

  2. Nice pics looking forward to the final installment.