Sunday, 11 August 2013

MOJO Returning: On going goodness.

 Ahh I can feel my gaming mojo returning. I ordered and got FFO from Ed this morning. I've scanned it and then jury is out. But it does look promising.
I got back onto wargaming through ATZ and blogging in order to develop a game of 'Giving up the Goat' the ATZ supplement. I wanted to take my two main characters (Hamilton Square and Conway Park) into hunting down the fabled chupracabra. But as you know, if you read my earlier posts, 'the game' took over and it followed a completely different path.
Now as I've wrapped up the Haven campaign I still have a yearning for that original concept. Before I commence an FFO campaign. So to this end I've taken a couple of the minor characters that appeared in HAVEN and moved them two years after the outbreak where they have become 'zombie hunters' tidying up those 'sick' that escaped last week's inferno and roam the hills and settlements of backwoods NC looking for brains for a fee.

I found these figures on the net to represent the 'goat suckers' based and undercoated today I should have them completed soon.
So keep looking out for the 'Adventures of Ernie Carver, 'Zombie Hunter.'

When I typed Final Fade Out into google images I got this picture of Mrs. Burton and thought I would share a photo of one of the world's most beautiful woman with you all.

Thanks for popping by. Keep cool.



  1. This all sounds really exciting Lorcan, looking forward to your updates.

  2. Sounds great, look forward to the next instalment of your characters story.

    Interesting choice of mythical creature done a quick google search but will have a read this afternoon

  3. I'm pleased the story is continuing, like all your followers I suspect. As for FFO I was very disappointed with it tbh.

  4. Goatsuckers sound horrid, can't wait to see them painted up!!!

  5. Glad the mojo is returning. It will be great to have you back zombie blogging again.

  6. Good to hear the mojo is returning man, look forward to more.

  7. As someone dealing with their own mojo loss and return, I know what you're going through.
    Glad to hear fromyou.

  8. Cheers fellers, I've spent my free hours working on the tables for my version of 'Giving up the Goat'.