Sunday, 25 August 2013

R and R'd: Rested and Recupriated

Well back off my first trip abroad for ages. Spent this morning, at my sister's, having a nice mug of char and catching up on your blogs. Hence the late notation on some of them. NB I still have a few of the earlier ones to get through.

The gang of us were staying in a place on the Normandy coast called Ste. Cecile. We were the only none French people in the whole seaside town. It was very relaxing. The French wanted to try out their English on us and we wanted to try out our French on them as a result there was very little confusion, great fun.

On the gaming front there were a few things. Sadly we were too far away from the beaches to pay a visit and the day we were going to Agincourt (about an hour away) was the only day it lashed down and neither of us wished to tempt fate driving on the wrong side of the road in awful weather. Saying that though the town is a couple of kms from Etappe. Which was the main transit camp for the BEF during WW1. There is a cemetery about 1/2 km from Ste Cecile which the heir my nephew and I visited during the rainy day. It looks small from the road as you walk in.

The entrance.
Then it explodes like a TARDIS and you realise that there are in excess of 12,000 people buried in the cemetery. Sobering thoughts as we move our plastic/metal figures to their reincarnated doom, the reality is forever.

Etappe Cemetery
On a lighter note I found that my nephew is into prepping for the zombie apocalypse so I introduced him to the ZBA which he found highly amusing. Subsequently on out last night he wanted us all to pose for an apocalypse photo. So here it is.

Ievers/Bose Family Zombies
BE PREPARED! You never know when they will come for us.

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  1. That is good that your are rested and had a good time. That last pic is ace!

  2. France is very nice, i did visit the WW1 graves a few years back,it is a sobering sight,thousands of little white crosses a far as the eye can see, my great grandfather died at the Some

  3. Sounds like your interaction with the locals was like an episode of "Allo, Allo".

    The cemeteries are indeed a moving sight.

  4. You always have to be prepared....they're coming....soon!

  5. Sounds like a great break and a poignant reminder - just love the final photograph though!