Saturday, 31 January 2015

Still at it!

Wanted to get this post in before the end of the month so I wouldn't be that awry.

As it happens I got a monthly game of ATZ in. The next installment of Ernest's adventures. There's been some issues with my camera. I was hoping for a new one off Santa (maybe it's stuck in the elfin post?) I didn't want to post without photos, therefore I'm waiting to see if I can recover the shots. I'm also the unofficial photographer for the heir's rugger team. As such I don't want to F%&* up tomorrow's match shots. If they aren't retrieved the AAR will be sans photos. (I don't really like that) but it does mean  there'll be two batreps next month.

This week's photo is my current read. If you haven't turned it's pages, you really ought to track down a copy. If you are into military matters, it is a splendid read. Written from a soldiers' view point with a great eye for the detail that only comes through the intimate knowledge of the environment.  This coupled with a writing style that is eminently readable and not at all condescending I thoroughly recommend it to anyone with interest in the field.

Well gang, stay warm, dry and safe during this cold snap.



  1. Shall look forward to the report. Good luck with the camera.

    The SBS did some interesting missions in WW2 I shall try and track a copy down.

  2. I hope you recover the shots mate, look forward to seeing them.

  3. Good luck recovering your game photo's, looking forward to your AAR.

  4. Like Simon, I'm looking forward to the ATZ report(s). I'm aware of some of the British special forces attacks in WW2, but I haven't read this particular book. Sounds interesting, but my reading list is *huge* at the moment.

  5. Something to look forward to, an ATZ report. If it as good as your previous ones it really will be worth the anticipation.

  6. Good luck with the camera, I know the feeling (bloody techology); also good to know you got a game or two of ATZ in.