Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Ep. 1 - The Lady Jessica - All Things Zombie - AAR, Batrep.

Captain William Fredrickson, 60th Rifles ‘The Loyal Americans’, has left France after a falling out with his friend Richard Sharpe (c.f. Bernard Cornwell’s Sharpe’s Revenge). Returning to England he is en-route to Liverpool in order to embark on a ship bound for Canada.
Whilst staging in Nantwich his billet is visited by a well-dressed gentlemen who engages Fredrickson to save the ‘niece’ of a well-known Politian who has been caught up in an outbreak of plague. He has been given a section of riflemen, also on route to Canada, to assist. Captain Fredrickson will join his troops just outside Chester city and the barge The Lady Jessica has been retained to transport him.
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Turn 1 (FZ-4/NPC-5)
“Mr. Fredrickson, is it? John McKinnon Master of the Lady Jessica. Welcome aboard.”

“Very kind sir,” replied Fredrickson throwing his campaign sack onto the barge and climbing aboard.

“Well, Captain, I’ve seen many a haversack but I sure haven’t seen one like that.”

“It’s French, Mr. McKinnon. A souvenir of my time with Napoleon, along with these,” he said circling his scarred face.

“It’ll take us a day or so to get to your destination, make yourself at home.”

Fredrickson nodded his thanks and McKinnon got on with casting off.

Sweet William takes a tour around the barge.

Before storing his kit below deck.

Unbeknowest to Fredrickson McKinnon picks up a couple of ruffians.

Who go straight below and attack the Captain.
Bad skippering, McKinnon bumps his barge with the canal wall.
(Doubles thrown).

Knocking William into the bow cabin and causing his assailants to loose their footing.

A fortunate mishap as only one footpad may attack William at any one time.
Unable to draw his sabre he drops the white shirt with a headbutt and stuns him.

Red shirt reels back. William draws his sabre.

A fire breaks out (more doubles). William charges, red shirt staggers backwards under the onslaught.
McKinnon comes to assist, the fire dies out. An enraged Fredrickson charges both men, skewering white shirt on the way.
McKinnon flees (failing his 'being charged' test)
Fredrickson closes with red shirt and makes short work of him.

With McKinnon gone and the two rouges dead Fredrickson is left to ponder the reason behind the assault. Was it a straight attempt at robbery or had it something to do with his current mission. First things first navigating the Lady Jessica to Saighton and joining his troop.

I was hoping to write the story in prose but my self-imposed timescale for gaming and blogging necessitated a quick post (missed by a day). I'll try and be more detailed this month. Hope you enjoyed it anyway.

Thanks for popping by/ If the weather forecast is right I hope you don't get too cold. All the best.



  1. Cracking start, too much of a coincidence in my eyes! Keep looking over your shoulder Sweet William.

  2. Excellent beginning I like the setting as well :)

  3. An intriguing start to your campaign. It surely can't be a coincidence that the two ruffians turned up so soon.

  4. This is developing into quite a story - when is it being serialised for TV ?
    Nice start and a good aar, though from just reading the titleI did at first wonder who Lady Jessica was (doh!).

  5. Seems like a very unlucky barge, what with hitting the bank and catching fire :-) . Still, good on Fredrickson for seeing off his assailants so smartly!

  6. A Great start,I love the barge, it looks fantastic