Monday, 30 May 2011

Bio-Hamilton Square (competition entry)

If you are reading this then you are most probably aware of , if not get into it, especially Shaun's weekly news letter. Anyway, there's a fab competition on it 'Tell us about your character' (in 400words or less) but you've only four days left.

Here's Hamilton's Bio.

System:            All Things Zombie (Two Hour Wargames)

Name:               Hamilton SQUARE
Reputation:        5
Classification:    Star
Attributes:         Born Leader & Marksman
Awards:           The Mons Star & clasp, British War Medal 14-18, Allied Victory Medal, Mentioned in Despatches, Military Cross,


Hamilton was born on 13th May 1893. His mother was an American Socialite and his father a secretary to the British Ambassador to the United States. He was born in the mid-Atlantic whilst his parents were returning to the US after a period of leave.

Educated on both sides of the Big Pond he had dual nationality.

At the start of the First World War, he immediately returned to his motherland. He was commissioned into the Irish Guards and was sent with the British Expeditionary Force to France. He took part in the Battle of Mons and at the conclusion of which British Intelligence tasked him investigated the ‘angel’ myths. Gaining a reputation for the esoteric Hamilton remained with the Intelligence Corps investigating the unusual and dealing with counter-propaganda. He was wounded at Guillemont (9/8/16), where Capt. Noel Chavasse VC saved his life.  He was left with a leg injury that necessitated him to carry a cane, which would become his primary weapon, ante-bellum.

His recovery leave was in the US where, during a dinner party he regaled one Mr. Coolridge with his adventures. Returning to the western front at the beginning of 1918, he became engaged in the battles around Bethune, where he won the Military Cross (9/4/18).

At the conclusion of the war he was seconded to the US secret service were he was attached to the Bureau of Investigation, on the recommendation of the now President Coolridge he was assigned to investigate the outbreaks of ‘zombieism’ That were occurring around prohibition America.

Whilst on an assignment in NewYork he met his assistant, Conway PARK a veteran of the ‘Harlem Hellfighters’.

The illnesses site zero appeared to be at a (lost) secret military facility in Moor County, North Carolina. Square and Park arrived in Moor County on 10th May 1924, where their adventures began in the city of Moor Ferry and it’s hinterland.


  1. Great!! You have a blog!! Thanks for the very nice comment yesterday...:-D
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  2. Nicely done, Paul sent me this way.

  3. @ Paul, thanks I'm at a cemetary model also, I look forward to seeing yours.

    @ Angry Lurker, cheers, I knew this comunity would be welcoming and forgiving.

  4. Interesting background story for your Star. I wish you well in the competition.

  5. I like it Irqan. Lots of references that make me what to investigate - very engaging. Who were the Harlem Hellfighters for instance?!