Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Well why plastic? I know there are so many metal figures out there, but the bottom line is cost. I have spent so much on metal figure projects and not finished them. So after some research I went for plastic soldiers. A decent argument can be found at   There is also a VERY decent article on how to paint the little devils. helps with plastic research and google the rest. However, once I started I realised that Airfix in particular have figures in various different pose, hence you can have your character standing, kneeling or prone, therefore you don't need tokens. Additionally, you can convert them and if you loose the plot well it aint that bad. If you want to see some GOOD conversions of plastic figures check out  plenty of eye candy there. Anyhow, my painting is not to the standard of the usual zombie bloggers and plastic figures are far more forgiving. What I know of washing, which is not a lot, seems to tidy up any mistakes. 

So there I was trying to get into ATZ on the cheap, civilians/survivors, zombies, cops & gangers. But how? Then Red Box came up with a box of cops and gangsters then a box of Resistance Fighters from Caesar Miniatures and the plan began to come together.

Well my ATZ world is set in prohibition America. Gangers become bootleggers

; civilians/survivors (with help from green stuff) become moonshiners and hillbillies; cops, well are cops, They're on the paint stick.

The military are drawn from Airfix WW1 Infantry (for National Guard)

258th North Carolina National Guard (on exercise)

A beast of an SAW

The regulars are from Emahar WW1 Americans, still on the sprue

Finally, the zeds are from 'a bag of zombies.

Yeah I know a bit 2D but they'll do for a game. There is a story here, but the 'bag o'zombie' range gives you 100 zombies per bag and come in; women, dogs, clowns, glow in the dark. They're easy to paint and I need to convert some for variety.

Granted folks I need to get a grip of the close up photography, and do some more conversions. But we all need to start somewhere.

Once the figures are complete I'm going to start my campaign with a 1920's version of  'Giving up the Goat'

A rather cheeky little scenario, albeit encompassed in 'I Zombie'. Follow ups will be held in my version of  'Haven' based in the prohibition city of Moor Ferry, North Carolina.

Keep safe.

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  1. I did all my early wargaming in plastics. It is a fantastic way to get plenty of gaming goodness on the table with very little outlay. Looking good.

    The idea of a 1920's ATZ campaign is inspired. There are some superb prohibition style wargames tables out there for inspiration too.