Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Work Station

Oh how I envy you guys with a permanent work station. I have to make do with the dinning table and hence it all has to be packed away or get ethnically cleansed by the memsahib. Which led to the disappearance of my zombie hoard for moths and a temporary suspension of my project. There has to be a corner in our mansion for zombie gaming.


  1. Having a perma-workstation is the ideal (I'm lucky enough to have that now) but the second best solution is a workstation you can pack away or move quickly. I used to do that. Takes a bit of organising but the time spent doing do is invaluable...for increased hobby time and spouse/family brownie points :)

  2. Hey Irqan, as you might have guessed I'm going through your old posts!

    I use the dining table too, but being on my own invariably leads to it getting more and more crowded with 'stuff' until I HAVE to tidy it to have any room to work! at least under the threat of project obliteration you can keep some sort of order to it all ... (yes, I am trying to find the good side for you!)