Saturday, 14 May 2011

First Post

Well I did and opened my first blog. I'm looking forward to this as I've been thinking of it for some time. But now I've climbed into my fifty-first year, I tool the plunge. I was going to take account of my new role in life and how returning to shift work and the changes that have ocured in the last five years and blog about that (I still may) but there are plenty of 'cop' bloggers about. So I've decided to blog about one of life's great pleasures. Wargaming and my latest incarnation Two Hour Wargames All things Zombie. Thanks to all the GREAT bloggers out there in this field; Vampifan/ Mr. Whiteface and the others that have inspired me. Well that's all for now and I'll see how this goes.c


  1. Welcome to the Blogosphere Sir. It really is a great way to get a little bit more on an incentive behind your hobby projects and a superb way to see how things progress. Wishing all the very best in blogging, gaming, hobby and life.

  2. @ Zombie Ad, cheers matey. I knew that I would get a warm welcome and a forgiving attitude from this community. Thanks for your thoughts.