Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Back to the gaming (scene building)

Right epiphany over, decorations away, back on the range in the saddle. Therefore it's now time to get back into the raison d'etre  of this community, Zombie Gaming.

To go along with my NY resolutions, I plan to work through the HAVEN scenarios. The first one being 'Domestic Dispute'. This will give me the opportunity to try out some FISH (Figthing In Someone-elses' House) skills. The figures are good to go so I need the scene.

The flat.
The floor plan is from  (haven't been on the site for a while 'though) a cheap download that allows you to create all sorts of textures. The plans need trimming & mounting, I'm thinking of 'styrene from something like pizza/burger packaging. I'm debating whether to put in walls or not.

    Fixtures and fitings.
The chairs, baths, sinks, etc to be built in the next couple of weeks, to furniture the flat ready for the fray.

Bursting to get started.


  1. Sounds good and you get to eat pizza to

  2. Looking good. Mmmmm Pepperino! :)

  3. Nice to see you getting back in the saddle, Plastic - did you make those plans with Shuffler? if so, what do you think of it? if not, can you give a link to them?

    And ... just seen that I got 5/10 on zombie survival where Zombie Ad got 8! I'll admit he runs a zombie shop now, but I've met him and am quite a bit taller - therefore I have a longer stride, so I'll get away quicker!!

  4. Thanks Guys.

    @cnnash: Yes the plans were done on shuffler. It's OK as far as it goes. I have had a little problem printing, but my copy is old as is my computer. gets you there. Keep on striding.

  5. Hmmmm that looks pretty good!

    And welcome back mate!

  6. That's a cool project. I'm looking forward to seeing more of it.

  7. You're off to a good start, Irqan. Be warned though, that making furniture is time consuming and can become tedious very quickly.