Monday, 23 January 2012

Thoughts on walls.

Well the wall project has moved on to a further Mark IV and V. I think the Mark V will be the one. Those who read my last post thanks for the comments. However, after the warping issue, with the walls, and a visit to my local model shop. I fell on the old modellers staple of 'plasticard'. The Mark IV experiment is going well and I'll see about the warping on the morrow. But I cut the walls too narrow and the doors, won't fit! Hence The Mark V. No pictures as yet.

I called to a friend's office today. In order to rifle through his files and snaffle some lesson plans. Alas he was with a boss, so I was farmed out for an hour. I filled my time creating some posters. I have them on a Word Doc. How would I get them onto a blog to share?


  1. I used '4shared' to post links for files to download.

    It seems to work ok - you upload the file, then click the file to share, click on the 'share' pull down menu and click 'get links for selected items'.

    then paste in blog. :-)

    (ps - I am having the cant post comments issue using chrome... a 'pop up' comments option fixes it)

  2. Put them on Google Documents and then post the link to your shared documents folder. That's what I did when I had some interest on a photography forum for the lighting diagram sheets I made.

  3. Cheers tguys I'll try them.

  4. The others had good ideas and the solution I hope...