Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Domestic Dispute (scene building, internal)

Well after printing out the floor plans I decided to strengthen them on mounting board which I got for a couple of quid. Did the job admirably.

The World Work Games furniture is coming on nicely. Now for the walls.

This is the Mark III version. The wallpaper is from It a doll's house site but there are all sorts of FREE printables. I supported them in card holders from The Mark I version used pizza base walls but these were too thick, as were the Mark II which were mounting board. The final version (to date) is just heavy paper/cardstock (as per WWG). However I found that there was a warping issue. So I strengthened the card holder runs with wooden stirrers. This did the trick and gave the walls a skirting board.

Showing the holders and the 'skirting board' strengtheners ('Needs a lick of paint luv')

Two sides and enough textures available gives you alternative rooms.

I haven't got 'round to it yet but the walls intend to be 'decorated' with doors & windows from WWG blue tacked to the blanks. Also Jim's Dolls House site has a link to the Chicago Museum of Art, my cardboard buildings are going to be filled with some of the finest art available (haven't worked out how to frame them yet, if I bother). Walling is still a WIP.

Just another room shot.
More furniture, a few more walls and general tidying up should see a passable gaming arena.

All the best one and all.


  1. That's a great idea to use the card holders to hold up the walls. This is coming along very nicely. Thanks for the update.

  2. Good idea and looking pretty good.

    Well done so far

  3. It's progressing nicely. Keep up the good work, Irqan

  4. Easiest wallpaper you'll ever put up....

  5. LOL at Fran indeed!

    These look great and a really good idea. Look forward to seeing more