Wednesday, 15 February 2012

AAR-Call to Arms, Newbury.

Well I attended CTA last weekend and I must apologise for the late post, but I had a unscheduled stopover in Swindon Hospital. More in another post.

Well CTA was the first convention that I'd been to in decades and I must say that I enjoyed it immensely. Everyone was very friendly and the displays were fun. All the trade stands were full and the staff informative and helpful. Just some photos for you to look at.

A very good SCW set up. Unfortunately the chap's opponent 'cried off' that morning, but he just set it up for eye candy. Nice guy and chatty, just what you want when you march into the hall.

Ancient Greece was popular.

15mm Battle of Heroes, early in the Sparta Wars

Another two cheerful chappies informed and willing to share their game with an inquisitive tyro with a camera.

28mm Battle Set, in front of Troy?

Detail from above game
 A big ACW demonstration game, the battle of Shilo I think, from the books that scattered the edges of the table.

The Confederate right advance

Detail of the Union Line

A Rebel Regiment advancing under a skirmisher shield, left flank.

Newbury & Reading Scale Modellers Club. My photos really don't display the skills and detail in this selection, many others were just too blurred.

Two traditional chaps. Drew up two Medieval Armies on either side of the table and slugged it out!

Trad. Wargaming

There were two participation SciFi games this one based loosely on 'Full Thrust'. I've never seen a space game before and it was spectacular in its simplicity.

Chasing Space Pirates

This and Space Vixens, were very popular with the young fellers, I couldn't get near enough to get a decent photo of the SV game. The runner was/is the author of Dark Horizons in the Wargaming mags. Gary Mitchell a top guy, very pleasant to talk with and DM'd his game well, keeping it moving with the young lads. The only blot on the whole day, and it is a minor one, there were a couple of delegates roaming around these two stands muttering about 'serious' wargames (!?).

The above are pictures from a trade stand, I'm not advertising these guys but the display featured our favourite characters, ZEDS. Saying that the resin based scenery was very well made and VERY reasonably priced. So much so I bought a couple of pieces. If you don't want to see their stand miss out the next pic.

I'll wrap up now. But a big thanks to all the guys & girls at the Newbury & Reading Wargames club for a very good show. I'll certainly be making every attempt to attend some other conventions, that are in striking distance of home or a pal's place. 'Colours' in September will definitely on my list.

+++++++++++++++++++THANKS FOLKS +++++++++++++++++ 


  1. Thank you for the pictures my friend......

  2. Looks pretty interresting! A good trip and a good time.

    Hope the thing with the hospital was nothing too serious?

  3. Looks like a great show. Looking forward to seeing your new Dreamholme stuff.

  4. Nice looking show. Where they old phogies and had big bushy beards?

  5. Thanks guys good to be back.

    @Brummie: How did you know? All that was missing was the 'real ale' mugs!

  6. Good to hear that you enjoyed your first convention for a while Irqan and good to see that you'll be at Colours - I for one will certainly be there too.