Tuesday, 6 March 2012


After a couple of weeks R&R I'm back at work tomorrow, so I chose to push on today with the Moor City Shanty. I recruited some workmen, and they surveyed the task from the half painted water tower.

The workforce

These guys are from a Revell pack of Confederate Pioneers, which I purchased at a knockdown price from a local hobby store. I intend to do a bit of a conversion job on them so that they can become the workers for a couple of the Haven scenarios. Male fashion has not really changed from the 1860's to the 1930's, so it means a bit of headgear remodelling. I want to make a film crew but can't see it in the figures yet.

The base of the water tower 

As with all these it is; a wasted cd base covered in filler (£1), a bit of balsa for the supports, lollypop sticks as planking, a straw and the internal device from a kids drink nozzle for the pump.

A tip/waste site

A 'Dreamholm' resin model is the centre piece, chopped up straws for piping and scrap wood complete the scene.

Back of mission to left, Kitbash bldg to right

Trough on right, further kitbash above.


Market garden and a trio of graves

The fencing is scored polystyrene and the furrows corrugated card. The graves are on a plastic credit card sized game card with polystyrene mounds and more loot from CTA  as markers.


That's it so far. They need tarting up and flock adding to bring up the bases as well as some washes and maybe I'll try 'dry brushing' something  I can not master.

Keep blogging.


  1. Wow certainly looking effective. These will be brilliant when finished

  2. Everything is coming together nicely. Will look fantastic as an end product, I imagine.

  3. Man, you're making some great progress. Those Pioneers were a lucky find. You've got a great variety of terrain, too. I'm following this project with interest.

  4. So thats how you make terrain. Your minis do it for you while you sleep. :)

  5. It's all looking good so far. I can't wait to see how it all turns out.

  6. Damn good progress especially with the minis help....