Thursday, 29 March 2012

Tent Project 2 & 3.

End of phase one, based and undercoat.

I thought I'd try this loot out. A recent trip to Maplins got these spotlights for a couple of quid each and a two metre measuring tape key ring for £1.00, ideal for wargaming. I think.
Lights, Camera, Action
Phase two: undercoat base and guy ropes.

Equipment needed

Now if you have a wife that is younger then your Mum, the likelihood is she won't have access to or know how to use the above items: a roll of white thread (very good for attaching wayward shirt buttons); a needle (application device for the aforementioned); a threading device (to get the thread through the eye, the hole through which the cotton goes, of the needle.) Six years in the (regular) military and ten years solo living gave me an insight into the use of these arcane devices.

Guy Ropes and a Fire Place

Threading the ropes is not as easy to do as it looks. PVAing the canopies made it a great deal easier.

It's funny how you get the hang of it at the end of your projects. Pulling the guy ropes to the end of  the base making them taut by glue and plasticine (?) filler subsequently proved better. Snip the cotton with scissors, believe it or not it is difficult to cut cotton with a craft knife.

Matchsticks provided the posts. I would have used cocktail sticks but I couldn't find any! Breakfast on last day of project revealed that the aforementioned young woman had knocked over the pack and ethnically cleansed the house of cocktail sticks.

Phase three. Basing & finishing.

Equipment Used

A bit if dry brushing and flocking, gives the finished product.

Generally happy with the outcome, suitable for gaming. But as we all know the Mark 1's develop to the bespoke models.


  1. I'm very impressed with how these have turned out. Now I can't wait to see them being used in a game.

    1. Cheers pal. They're intended for the buildings outside the zone in Haven's Quarentine scenario.

  2. They turned out really well, very nice!

  3. Very nice Irqan. Like the ropes that you added all add to the scene

  4. Excellent work Sir! They look spot on to me.

  5. those are really well built! Are you using the lights in game or for photography?

  6. Those look very good. Nice job. I got a chuckle seeing that threader, I had my own little sewing kit for uniforms when I was on deployment in the Navy. :)

  7. Thanks guys:

    @ AL: Thanks I love Franonian projects.
    @ Burmmie: Yes ta. The original photos used string but that looked too cumbersome, so I went for the cotton.
    @MA: I think if I do any more I will cover the walls with kitchen roll as the texture makes fairly decent canvas.
    @PS: I can't make up my mind as yet, so I'll try them for both concepts. They make an eerie glow for a night game.Maybe next scenario, which is set at night.
    @LJ: Hmm I thought you would being of that ilk.