Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Shanty Town-Quick Post-Sorry about text and quality!

In order to keep my New Years resolution I've rushed this post a bit.

Overhead view of the town

Entrance to town, waste tip at top

St Anne's Field
Bushes are made from ripped up sponge, painted and dipped in 'coarse turf'.

Arch. Wright's Store & Canteen
Out Houses
Water Tower



Thanks to Lucky Joe for he tips on the fencing. It's only there to show it off, a real shanty would not have that sort of thing, I think.

No. 31, market garden & graves

Some shacks
The buildings are complete I just need to sort them out onto a 3'x3' table. They're all there now and it's very crowded. When things are less hectic I'll post some more photos and I fancy a recover game. As some of Moor City's finest go to recover their downed colleagues.


  1. looking good can't wait to see you do a game on it

  2. Looking great! Lots of good cover on that table, and not a lot of open killzones. Survivors will be need to be on their toes. Your fences came out great. Good job. I'm looking forward to the next batrep.

  3. Looks great, I love the shanty town sheds; great work.

  4. Nifty, like the chain-link fence especially.

  5. It has all come together very well with some great scenery pieces in your collection.

  6. Excellent stuff, it looks like the setting for a damned good horror movie.....

  7. Looking good Irqan! nice results for what must have been a lot of work - well done you!

  8. Thanks for the suppport guys, much appreciated.
    @LuckyJoe: I don't think it'll be that crowded when it comes to game time, I found photos and manoeuvring the pieces difficlut. I'll follow the Haven set ups for the games.
    @ZombieAd: Cheers I got the idea from LuckyJoe. Alluminium mash (for covering over gaps in cars/walls etc.), 'super glued' to cocktail sticks and mounted (fnar).
    Family out in the 'Big City' this evening so I may give it a couple of hours trial.