Sunday, 4 March 2012

Shanty Town-WIP

The plan when I made my new year's resolution was to build the sets during the month and then play a scenario. Laudable, by this time I should be well on the way to a fabulous WWG city. However the game has taken over (I sound like one of those ventrilaquists whose dummy comes to life). Well now the action all occurs in the Shanty Town without of my fantasy city. So I'm required to build a shanty town. Que corregated cardboard and heaven knows what else. Here's my efforts so far.

The 'fast food parlour & walled garden.

The water tower, mission, hovel & trough 

These I downloaded free from model train site (sorry I can't recall which one). I like to base all my own work on old CD's, mostly for the challenge and spatial concerns. These have been liberated from work.

Kitbash from the outhouses

Roof on

Corregation here was from a take-a-way coffee insulatior, its narrower and has a better asthetic then the earlier ones, but it's harder to come by.

Base these, a couple of more buildings and design and build a dirt track road system. Any ideas out there for the roads. I was thinking of sandpaper (?).

All this and the 1st XV held the French to a 17 all draw, not a bad weekend!


  1. Those are looking nice. That corrugated iron looks perfect. If you're looking for some more nice free paper buildings, Germy has some great ones at

  2. Cheers buddy. I'll check it out this week as my boys and I are about to settle down to watch the latest 5-0 prog. We love it. PS just visited you site. Catch up soon.

  3. Building a shanty town is a great idea for getting lots of buildings on the board cheaply and quickly. Plus, you can slap the paint on without worrying too much about being neat and tidy. You're off to a great start here and I look forward to seeing how this progresses.

  4. They look great so far. Yet some more ideas for me to borrow :D

  5. This is coming along nicely!
    Well done so far.

    I like the idea of basing them on cd.

  6. Very nice build and cost effective too!

  7. Very cost effective, I've just bought some of these in 15mm.....

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