Thursday, 19 April 2012

A Buddha Statue - An Experiment in Painting & Weathering - Part 3

If you are looking for parts 1 & 2 they have been rolled into this one as the fuses in the house blew and it took me a couple of days to realise that it was the fridge that was doing it. A new appliance bekons. Hey Ho.

I have been admiring the painting skills on your sites, a skill I am sadly lacking, and thought I would give something different a bit of a go.

End of Stage 1
I picked up one of those brown resin Buddhas for a couple of quid, read some of your tips, watched a youtube upload and got to work.

I painted the statue gold. Cut up a pizza base and scored it with a pencil. I then dropped some glue onto the polystyrene (to hole it) and glued it to a CD.

Start of Stage 2
Using a ripped up sponge I dabbed the statue with two different shades of green, getting it into the nooks and crannies of the figure. While that was drying mixed up some paint and applied it to the base.

End of Stage 2

Stage 3 saw me wash the model with a black and spray it with 'hairspray'. Whilst drying I did something similar to the base.

1/2 way through Stage 3

Whilst all that was drying I did the likewise to the base and pottered with my workers.

Pottered with Workers/Newspaper Gang & Med Team
Then using a Q-Tip: I dipped it water and took off the hairspray and some of the lower shading paint 'shining up those areas that would have been stroked and touched.

End of Stage 3
Just need to mount the Buddha (no jokes please!) and finish off the basing.

I feel a relaxing game coming on this weekend. Hamilton Square's 'Discovery' scenario in 31 Donkey Drive.

Those of you are going to the big convention at the weekend; 'Have a Great Time', I'm so envious, maybe next year.


  1. That's great work, love the little details and skills you used, nice one Irqan!

  2. Very nicely made and painted piece of terrain. I certainly will be envying it when I get my terrain started

  3. Cracking job Sir! That looks spot on and I love the idea of polished surfaces where he's been touched!

  4. That looks great! Now I get your "spooky" comment in regards to my 'Nam project.

  5. Beautiful paint job on that statue of Buddha. It came out great. I love the weathering. Will there be in progress shots of you mounting it? :)

  6. yeah wow awesome paint job irqan, looks mighty fine.

  7. Thanks guys for all your commentsit really helps getting feedback. A couple ot back of years ago I got back into 'BloodBowl' (which led to this game). I was building a stadium but it all went west. That I now put down to none appreciation or feedback. Postive or otherwise. Thanks again fellers.