Sunday, 1 April 2012

ZOMBIE OUTBREAK! - Biker Army Mobilised

Reports are coming in that a major outbreak of the zed virus has occurred in a secret location in the UK. The ConDem government, not wishing to alarm the general population by calling in the Army has mobilised a civilian 'Biker Army' to face the threat.

Biker Crusaders Head for the Front.

The river of bikers goes on.

Police Outriders clear the way.

 A 'Forlorn Hope' camouflage themselves in order to get close enough for the kill.


& Chickens

Are Popular
Local youths get swept up in the enthusiasm and beg to join the crusade.
'Doesn't Matter if You're Blue or Red, have two wheels then fight the zed!'

Begging to sign up!

Everyone hears the call.

A Veteran from the First Zed War, 'They don't like it up 'em!'


The Annual 'Easter Egg Run'. Every year bikers from all over the North of England & Wales descend on our Peninsular and 'run' from the seaside to the local hospital delivering 'Easter Eggs' to the kids there and delivering cash donations. They raise thousands. It's a great spectacle taking a couple of hours for the whole gang to pass one point. (No doubt there will be all sorts of moans about it in the local free rags.) But stuff them. It's a great, colourful event and well worth the time. WELL DONE YOU BIKERS!


  1. That's very cool. Wonderful thing to do.

  2. So many people are quick to bad mouth bikers. They are a much maligned group but just as with any group they have their good guys and their bad guys. Sadly, it seems to be that the bad eggs get all the publicity. Nice of you to redress the balance, Irqan.

  3. Agree with Bryan on this one. Sure there are some assholes and nobrainers in the bikergangs. But most biker clubs are ordinary family people who just like their rides!

    But as with all other things, people mostly hang on to the bad things and claasify them all as drugusers, rapists, murderers and demonspawn.

  4. Looks great, Agree with Bryan and Johnny bad news always spreads faster and further than good