Saturday, 21 April 2012

Buddha Statue Project Pen-ultimate Part

Hi, nearly finished. This little project took longer then I thought.

The photos speak for themselves.

Start Position, using bradawl as Dremel is U/S

Drilled 3 holes in base of statue. Measured cocktail sticks to insert and affix to base.

Tools required

I wanted to granitise the base and used an idea I found on terregenises, which directed me to this site If you haven't checked it out do so its very inspiring. You dilute white paint, dip an old tooth brush into it and run your finger over the brush. This 'sprays' the paint onto your model.


The technique looks better on the CD then the model. In hindsight I'd use a lighter shade of grey as a basecoat.

Penultimate Stage

Penultimate Stage Overhead
Some filler covering the CD and left to dry. Final stage is the completion of the base.

I know there's a load of you off to Salute. Enjoy your weekend. I'm looking forward to the reports. Bags of photos please!


  1. That granite effect came out very nice.

  2. Its still looks really effective though great work!

  3. Brilliant! Great work on the granite effect!