Thursday, 26 April 2012

Finished Buddha Project

Well I finished this project. Buddha based and workies et al. finished. I'm pleased with the Buddha Statue for an experiment and plastic figures are a forgiving medium. The washes usually fill in facial features but they must have been to runny as they didn't take, particularly on the medical crew. All figures were from Revell's Confederate Pioneer box. A few slices, a bit if green stuff and a paint job, works wonders.

The Work Gang

Old Doc Holmes & Staff

Grafton & Jimmy Street sons of  'Old Glory' Magazine's owner/editor.

Photographing the Buddha

'Jimmy on Location'
Grafton Street

It looks like I need some tips from Grafton on photography, this close up stuff is still a problem. Must try harder.


  1. Very nicely done really like the sepia? picture at the bottom

  2. Very, very good! All worked out beautifully.

  3. Great stuff. Love the job you did on the Buddha. That camera crew is excellent.

  4. Nice work Irqan - kkep it up!

  5. The Buddha looks the Biz, nice paint work.

  6. They've come out very well. I do like your two period vehicles, which complement the figures very nicely.

  7. Thanks fellers, much appreciated. Not had much time for this hobby, but I'm still enjoying your posts.

  8. Looking good and I sympathise with the photography problems.