Thursday, 23 August 2012

Riot! - Introduction

Corporal Peter Chekhov was bored. It was this fourth hour as the Regimental 'desk dog' and nothing had happened. He'd read his comic book three times and couldn't ring himself to bring himself to crack the cover again.

Suddenly the harsh crash of the telephone jerked him to life. Snatching the handset he barked into the mouthpiece.

"152nd National Gu....."

"Cut the crap Chekhov. This is Sergeant Major Webster here from the Forward Operation Base at Purgatory. All Hell has broken out here. Stand the remainder of the Regiment  to and get me the Duty Officer NOW!"

"Yes sir," snapped Chekhov dropping the handset and jumping to his feet.

"Sir, sir. Captain Webb sir. Sergeant Major Webster is on the phone and he's real pissed."

The Battle Map

The Rioters

152nd Lines

I've rolled up forty (yes 40!) rioters I've got five Guardsmen and an armoured car. Things could get very tight for Gunny Highway. The game'll be played this weekend so tune in again for the results. Thanks for reading.



  1. OOO sounds good look forward to it

  2. Can't wait for the aar, looks good

  3. I'm excited to see this! I'm glad that your holiday went well, and that you're hitting the ground running back here with your hobby time.

  4. Encore, encore. John wants more.

  5. Oh shiii.....

    Best of luck on this! You will need it mate!

  6. Good stuff Irqan, look forward to the batrep.

  7. Now that is not going to have a happy ending! Can't wait to see the result.