Saturday, 29 June 2013

!!!!!!MAJOR RANT!!!!!!!

Gosh am I cross! Which is not in my vocab, usually. Part 1 the Lions got beaten by 1 point this a.m. Which was about the highlight of my day.

I got two £10.00 vouchers for 'Modelzone' off my lads (14 & 10 yo) bought on 16th inst. I went to retrieve them today. Selected a few tools and some Zevesda heavy weapons packs total £17.00. Went to the checkout and said to the MANAGER, "Don't worry about the 3 quid owing, I know it's difficult to sort out vouchers."

He says, "thank you sir, that'll be £7."

"£7, says I, for why?"

"Well sir," says he, "we've gone into administration on 26th and we're only honouring 50% of vouchers."

"So," says I, " we have to pay 30 quid for items worth 17?" (£20 vouchers + £3 waiver and £7 extra for the goods!)

"Hmm yes," says he, "never thought of it like that. Sorry."

Selling vouchers 10 days before going into receivership is just straight corruption! I'm not a vindictive person but my two lads paid out their pocket money in good faith to CORRUPT business people. Someone knew this was due and did nothing and allowed their staff to basically steal money from patrons of their store. MTRIH!

PS: I'm not blaming the staff. They're as much victims. Not being told by the 'head sheds' they're the real criminals!!

Sorry, spleen vented.

Catch you soon.



  1. I could see why you would have been pissed about this Lorcan!

    If they were only accepting 50% of vouchers and you had two you should have only handed over one to the rouges!

  2. Well, staff is in the frontline, so they kinda have to take the dirt. That is literally stealing the way I see it. They've got 10 pounds for each, yet they only honour 50% of it? Thats frikin 5 pounds stolen. How does that help business? Did you got any money back or just went out mad...I can't really tell? :P

    I am sure nothing makes you feel better, than me telling you "zvezda" means "star"? :P

  3. Not being a legal boffin or anything but as far as I can see that's theft. As they are failing to honour their contract when your sons bought the vouchers. I would suggest a word with trading standards. Unless that would upset you more.

  4. Thats disgusting mate, I'd ring trading standards that's theft in my book!

  5. This is why vouchers and gift cards are a scam. They get people to buy them as gifts and they know most aren't redeemed, but to outright steal half the money, that is a new form of low.

  6. Oooo I feel a sympathetic rant of my own coming on!

    Unfortunately this situation is a 'scam' that failing businesses have been using for decades. They know they about to go under (these thing don't happen overnight), so they try everything to get as much cash through the door as they can so they can satisfy their creditors. Unfortunately their creditors include everyone else before the customer.

    Way back in 1992 when I was a student I worked for a company linked to the furniture store Queensway. We had a big Sale and all sales staff were actively encouraged to offer big discounts of up to 25% for cash only orders but only if the full value was paid in advance. Two days later the company went into administration and most of those customers never saw their money or their goods. It was theft in every sense of the word, but totally legal, and I don't think the law has ever been changed to prevent such behaviour.

    Down-valuing or cancelling gift vouchers is just the latest incarnation of this sort of 'scam', and amazingly it's still legal. It's not the staff's fault, their loosing their jobs at the end of the day. Once again its Corporate Management (who probably have gold plated redundancy clauses guaranteed in their contracts) who have allowed this to happen. Anyone who says that 'Class War' is a thing of the past has their head buried in the sand!

    Ok Rant Over.