Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Enough is Enough! And an 'Old Glory' Exclusive.

Had enough of my bloody problems its time to get back my zombie mojo. I'm going to finish off my current campaign, buy a copy of FFO, read it on my jollies (in a fortnight) and come back with a new adventure.

James and Grafton Street.

Silent Death as Purgatory Burns

The government turns Purgatory into Hell! 

As the unusual illness that took over the shanty town of Purgatory got out of control and 'the sick' broke through the Police and Military cordon threatening to swamp our beloved city with crazed, 'flesh eating' monsters. Blood soaked the streets and fields surrounding the encampment. Despite all the efforts of our hard working medical staff the identification of the sickness is still unknown.
The Crew Survey the Devastation

Only one choice was left to our burghers. Presidential permission was sought to raze Purgatory to the ground. With a heavy heart this was granted. 

Earlier today, an old Zeppelin settled in the stockyards. It was found that the 'sick' were attracted to noise and the relative silence of an Airship would be of an advantage. A volunteer crew, from out of state, crewed the craft as it was loaded with explosives of conventional  and an unconventional type.

Silently they glided to Purgatory and released their deadly cargo upon the unsuspecting township.  Explosions could be heard ten miles away and the flames were visible in three counties. Moor City Fire Department are on standby along with the National Guard should the inferno get out of control.

'Old Glory' have secured the exclusive rights to accompany the city's 'clean up' crew when they are eventually allowed to venture into what's left of the box town. (Order your copy now). 


  1. ....................THE END...........................

    The picture of the airship is funny made me lol

    Enjoy your holiday good luck with the next one. I am a bit deflated with my own efforts to get a zombie game in and I can't decide what to do to get my mojo back with it.

    I've also butterflied to another bloody project as well! :D

    1. Yes in an odd hobby for stuff like that. Mines VCBW. I think it means we need to concentrate more. So many good ideas and so little time.