Friday, 31 January 2014

Adventure in North Carolina - Chapter Four - Part 1 (AAR, Batrep)

At last I managed to find the time for a game. As I want to post at least on BATREP a month I've rushed this one out and not paid too much attention to the narrative. For those who don't know the activation rolls are zeds first characters second. I've made up some house rules and created some tables for the game. I'll comment on these at the end of the series.I hope you enjoy the tale. (If you want to check up on what's happened before please check out the previous posts.)

Turn One

Me, Buck and Hector squatted at the edge of the Pedersen’s place. He gives me the butt of his roll up and I takes a drag.
“So Ernie, all we gotta do is check out da shack, make sure tha’s no sick n’get back?”
I stumps out the remainders and says, “sure thing.” We both move onto the farm.

Turn Two (1-3)

Well we steps lively and make our way towards the shack. I’m scanning the ground ahead and my eye catches a disturbance in the ground.
I flick my head to Eric, “Spoor,” says I.
Eric he squints, shrugs, “If you say so man.”
We both head towards the marks.

A PEF is resolved and it comes out as a spoor. The other PEFs move around accordingly but not seen.

Turn Three (2-1)

“Buck! Guard!” Buck trots a few yards ahead of the tracks and lays flat, me and Eric check out the spoor.
“Any ideas?” Eric asks.  Shake my head.
“Could be anything.” I check the rims and the shape but nothing shows up, “bin here since I was last up this way. Could even bin Buck or me?”
Buck turns his head and snarls at me. I throw him a wink and stand up. Eric is staring into the distance.
“Ernie, that there’s a Possum,” he says flicking his head past the shack. “Stew, for supper?” he asks.
Now Eric he can sure cook so I nods and the possum becomes tonight’s dinner.

The spoor is unrecognisable but the second PEF reveals as a small feeder. The shot fails to attract any zeds.

Turn Four (5-2)

We both make to the shack and I send Buck to the rear to protect from any surprises. I check the door, it’s unlocked.

Turn Five (1-5)
No character move, PEF shuffles around. This becomes a trait.

Turn Six (4-4)(1-5)

I’m in front so I pushes the door open and step inside. The smell is profound and I pull the hammers back on both Lilith’s barrels. The cry is all I need and as my eyes get used to the darkness I see the shadows of two beasts. I need not think and loose Lilith.
Smoke and saltpetre fill my eyes and nose and I spy one of the figures thrown into the far wall and the second staggers and falls.
Eric, now he follows me in and the sharp crack of his rifle penetrates the ringing of Lilith’s cry and the thrashing body of the second zed collapses.

The doubles created an extra zed which I placed in the bed room, to be found later. The R&R card put up two zeds. The shotgun’s spread took one out and knocked one down. Eric did for the second. No zeds were created.

Turn Seven (2-1)

We both catch our breath and I go and check the bedroom door, sure enough it’s unlocked. I lift three fingers and Eric he nods.

Don’t know why I did nothing here?

Turn Eight/Nine (6-6) (3-3) (1-4)

No activation but a fire starts in the stove?!!

The second double gives a ‘zombie feast’ adding +1 to all zombie generation for the rest of the game, will this prove to be a real issue?

I push the door open and Eric steps into the frame. He pops off a shot and I hear a body hit the floor.
“Man,o’man,” says he, “dis is too much fur a couple o’ hunters. Sure we needs to high tail and git the Army.”
Now I can’t argue with his reasoning, “I thinks you’re might my friend. Let’s git and hand this one right back to Lynch and his boys.”
Eric beams and pushes past me to the door.
I rummage around the shack and pulls out a hunting scope and a fine bottle of whisky and follow Eric into the sunshine.

I forgot to roll for a zed so I did so at this point and I placed it in the woods.

Turn Ten/Eleven/Twelve (4-1)(6-5)

I call Buck to heel and we all move to leave the farmstead. Buck now he has one hell of a nose and crouches down facing the woods. Both Eric and I look in the general direction.
“Sure there Ernie. It is but one, he’ll be no problem.”

I agree and we both head home.

Ernie, Buck and Hector have got about three activations to leave the board. It's been a bit of a standard zed hunt so far. There's still a PEF to resolve and a few doubles to deal with.  Tune in to see what happens next!

I hope to get the next instalment up this weekend, but it is the kick off of the Six Nations Championship and well that BATREP writes itself.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed it. Try and keep dry.

!!!!!ERIN GO BRAGH!!!!!



  1. Good one Irqan, A nice and easy Zed hunt, nicely written.

  2. Good build up and the hose "insert" works well.

  3. Nice quick and sweet. The narrative is good. Shall look forward to the next installment whenever it decides to arrive :)

    Have good weekend sir!

  4. Great AAR! I'm glad to see some of the floor plans in action!

  5. All seems too easy so far, doesn't it :-) ? Nice narrative to go with the action - it's interesting to see what's going through the characters' heads.

  6. Like your writing style pardner, real down home. That possum's some good eating!

  7. Great stuff, the new terrain looks great, I want to get into atz at 1//72 I want to send some e mails to some makers to suggest 1/72 zed sets, I think they would be a big seller

  8. Fun read. I like the house "insert" as well. I may make some of those for my games...