Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Hors de Combat - Diversion 2 - Rubble

I know I said that it would be tomorrow, but there was a level of drying involved. This project came out of a Batrep I read where a fellow ZBA member bemoaned the lack of rubble in his gaming box. So off I went.

1. Drew an outline on some cardboard/

2. Cut up some sponge to make bricks (?)

3, Pape Mache rubble (Tissue and PVA) and coated the bricks in PVA glue to harden them.

4. Hot Glue the rubble and bricks to base. Extending the HG for effect.

5. Undercoat, I'm not too happy with the HG 'detail'. Let's see.

5b. Close up of detail.

6. A Heavy dark wash. In future I will use a black undercoat, but I can't find my tin.

7. PVA wash in the relevant parts and a bath in grit. Touch up the bricks with a white dry brush

OK a bit more 'rough ground' then 'collapsed wall. 

Colgar6, in your last zombie batrep you said that you had no rubble for your 'collapsed wall ' random incident card. So if you want these they're yours. You can find my email on my personal description part of PZ,(drop me a line with your address) gratis btw too light to ask for postage, I won't be offended if you do not want them. If any one else wants some let me know.

Toe is healing but now is as black as night.

Eat well.



  1. A nice touch and a very generous offer. I like the fact that as a community we are so helpful and generous. And that is kind of you to think and act in that way.

  2. Those are nicely done sir and nicely offered.

  3. Overall effect of rubble is excellent.

  4. Fabulous result and an incredibly generous offer to boot.

  5. Very nice work, I like these pieces of terrain...

  6. Very cool, always good to have this kind of stuf in the terrain box

  7. Very nicely done and useful to have to add that extra bit of cover!

  8. Indeed, a generous offer. Many thanks, but I have too much on my "to do" list already and nowhere to store the things I'm already building.