Friday, 10 January 2014

The Gaming Tile Experiment Episode - Part 2

With a spare hour yesterday morning I thought that I'd have a bash at finishing off the tile.

As it had a wooden floor I scored the base prior to applying a burnt umber.

I had to go over the scoring once painted.

I then highlighted the edges to give the tile a bit of a 3D effect.
The completed edging. 

I then added a weak black wash to give it some more depth.

The finished tile
Now you folk out there have far more skill with the brush then I so I'm sure that you'll get a better effect. But generally I'm pleased.
In future I'll standardise the door and window dimensions so no matter what the tile is I can have a selection of doors and frames to use for gaming purposes.
There are no 'in action' shots 'cause I hope to have a game this weekend where the tile will feature.

Thanks for the comments to my previous post, they really do help to spur one on.

Watch yourselves and thanks for taking a peek.



  1. Very effective. I think you have done right by highlighting the cut edges. I would have been tempted to paint the "cut" areas red. But I think this looks better as it is less obtrusive. Standarisation of doors and windows is all well and good but it might lead to "Barrat" type homes but I think you will do it well enough to avoid that.

    All in all looking very good.

    1. Ta pal, I take your point maybe make the doors in a selection of sizes, good idea!

  2. Very serviceable! I'm looking forward to a game report now :-) .

  3. Great job. The Black wash certainly gives it that aged appearance.

  4. I like this idea. I didn't watch the video you posted yet (kind of longish), but this gives me a good idea of the technique. I may try this myself. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Very Nice, perfect for structures that have no inside, you should join scottys forum, im a member, their are a lot of great builds over their

  6. Very effective. Similar to what the guys who wrote Occult Wars did, very cool

  7. I thought the effect of these was good before you painted them,but your paintwork has brought them to a new level. The highlighted edges are very effective.